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Reality, fiction in Italy’s empire

Reality, fiction in Italy’s empire

April 1, 2014

In 1907, photographer Marcello Fabritti arrived at the docks in Genoa to board the steamship Staffetta, bound for Africa. The ship traveled to Port Said, Egypt, and then across the Red Sea, and along the coast of what is now Somalia to Zanzibar. Along the way, as Fabritti continued overland to Kampala in present-day Uganda, he collected images of his journey. Upon his return two years later, he assembled the photos into albums, scribbling beneath one, “Dal vero!!”

The Digital Evolution of Harvard University

Rob Lue, Professor of the Practice of Molecular and Cellular Biology; Richard L. Menschel Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning; faculty director, HarvardX; director, Life Sciences Education, discusses the digital evolution of the university at Harvard Thinks Big 5. 

Campus and Community

House renewal in ‘full swing’

House renewal in ‘full swing’

April 16, 2014

When the former Inn at Harvard is fully transformed to accommodate students from Dunster (and, in the future, other Houses undergoing renewal), it will be a home away from the House, with familiar features including a dining hall, lounge, junior and senior common rooms, a seminar room, and music practice spaces.

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Mark I Exhibit gets an upgrade

Seventy years ago, the first programmable computer in the United States began humming away in a basement lab where the Maxwell-Dworkin building stands today. During a ceremony to celebrate the launch of a new exhibit, the Mark I was turned on, showing the mechanism of the machines programming: holes punched in tape. Read more about the Mark I's history at Harvard here

Talking Parrots

Arguably best known for her work with another parrot, Alex, whose intelligence was estimated as equal to that of a 6-year-old child, Irene Pepperberg in recent decades effectively rewrote concepts of animal intelligence and how those findings could shed light on the origins of human intellect. Earlier this year she relocated her lab from Brandeis University to Harvard, where she has continued her experiments with Griffin and a new bird, Athena, who is just 6 months old.