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Gjerstad's Iron Age Pottery Typology & Chronology

  In the 1920s and 1930s Einar Gjerstad, director of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition, undertook a pioneering study of the decorated pottery of Iron Age Cyprus. Relying predominately on whole vessels from the hundreds of tombs which the Expedition uncovered all across the island, Gjerstad established an initial typology and chronology. Over the years Gjerstad's original chronology has been modified and refined, but his typology still provides the basic framework for the description and analysis of pottery of Iron Age Cyprus. Recent research has also confirmed Gjerstad's early intuition about regional variation in Iron Age ceramics.  

    Period Characteristic Pottery Dates  
    Cypro-Geometric I White Painted I
Bichrome I
Plain White I
Black Slip I
1050-950 BC  
    Cypro-Geometric II White Painted II
Bichrome II
Plain White II
Black Slip II
950-850 BC  
    Cypro-Geometric III White Painted III
Bichrome III
Plain White III
Black Slip III
Red Slip I
Black on Red I
Grey & Black Polished I
850-700 BC  
    Cypro-Archaic I White Painted IV "Free-field Style"
Bichrome IV "Free-field Style"
Plain White IV
Black Slip IV
Red Slip II
Black on Red II
Grey & Black Polished II
Bichrome Red I
700-600 BC  
    Cypro-Archaic II White Painted V
Bichrome V
Plain White V
Black Slip V
Red Slip III
Black on Red III
Bichrome Red II
600-475 BC  
    Cypro-Classical I

White Painted VI
Bichrome VI
Plain White VI
Black Slip VI
Red Slip IV
Black on Red IV
Bichrome Red III
Black & Grey Lustrous I
Stroke Polished I

475-400 BC  
Cypro-Classical II
White Painted VII
Bichrome VII
Plain White VII
Red Slip V
Black on Red V
Black & Grey Lustrous II
Stroke Polished II
400-323 BC  
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