Teaching and Learning

Harvard is home to the most dynamic conversation on teaching happening anywhere in higher education today. At FAS teaching matters—A Lot. Our faculty are coming together like never before to understand how to use our classrooms better, how to use technology to open up new pathways to knowledge, how to shape the new science of learning to better understand how our teaching methods impact students. The FAS is home to leading scholars who are constantly pushing the bounds of knowledge and whose teaching challenges students to go beyond the status quo. Our students are eager to meet the challenge. Innovative approaches to teaching and creative channels for making course content applicable and stimulating are what make the Harvard and FAS educational experience so unique.

Harvard Activities to Support and Advance Teaching and Learning


The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning brings together faculty, graduate students and education researchers. The Bok center helps faculty innovate in their teaching by providing resources to develop novel teaching techniques and materials, venues for in-class experimentation, methods for integrating digital innovations with on-campus teaching, and ways to collaborate on educational research. Take a look at Harvard’s world-class faculty offering a sampling of the exciting and innovative teaching experienced by Harvard students.



Launched in parallel with edX, the Harvard and MIT founded, not-for-profit online learning platform, HarvardX integrates the development of instructional approaches and digital tools across Harvard’s campus by providing faculty with pedagogical and research support. A university-wide endeavor with strong ties to FAS, HarvardX supports faculty interested in enhancing teaching and learning both in the classroom and online by: giving them additional pedagogical support and integrating existing resources; offering more and more accessible technologies and tools; supporting a broader learning management ecosystem; and promoting scholarship on teaching and learning. View the list of online learning opportunities

Harvard Initiative for Learning & Teaching (HILT)

Launched through a generous gift from Gustave and Rita Hauser, HILT’s mission is to catalyze innovation and excellence in learning and teaching at Harvard. HILT does this through a number of activities including innovative teaching and learning grants, research fellowships, and creating cross university forums and programming around teaching and learning.