Student Experience

With world-class faculty, a dedication to affordability, and groundbreaking research opportunities, committed scholars have all the resources they need to fulfill their academic and personal potential as students within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

At the heart of the student experience are the Harvard Houses—communities where faculty, students, and graduate students live, learn, and work together. These multigenerational communities provide personal and enriching interactions that shape students both intellectually and socially. House Renewal at Harvard supports the mission of Harvard College to provide a student experience that is intellectually, personally and socially transformative for today’s students by reaching to the future with a new vision for a 21st century House experience. Our undergraduates come from all 50 states and more than 80 countries and Harvard’s industry-leading Financial Aid program makes it possible. Bringing the best and brightest young scholars to campus and helping them thrive is the foundation of Harvard’s excellence. Our students draw upon their varied life experiences and distinctive talents to challenge one another to question deeply, reason carefully, debate respectfully, and respond creatively.

See the student experience come to life:

Learning on the Job: Student Employment at Harvard

At Harvard, your learning opportunities aren't limited to the classroom. Working a part-time job helps you apply your interests and skills in a real-world setting, meet new people, and earn an income. 

Arts and Humanities

Students of the Arts and Humanities at Harvard explore the many forms of human expression. They ask universal questions and seek global answers.

In the Harvard Houses

Experience House life at Harvard, where communities of students and faculty eat, sleep, study and play together under the same roof.

Harvard's Commitment to Financial Aid
A look at Harvard’s commitment to financial aid, the foundation of Harvard's efforts to attract the most qualified students across the nation and around the world, regardless of their ability to pay.

My House | From My House to Our Harvard

Houses are at the heart of a Harvard College education.

A Day in the Life of a First-Year Student

From breakfast in Annenberg Hall to class to spending time with friends, experience the daily life of one first-year student at Harvard.