FAS Leadership

Meet the leadership team of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) – the group of academic and administrative heads who report to Dean Michael Smith and oversee the core units and functions of FAS. This dynamic division of the University brings together faculty, students, and scholars whose groundbreaking work focuses on knowing and doing, on individual achievement and on collaboration, on tradition and on taking intellectual risks.

Jeremy Bloxham
Dean of Science and Mallinckrodt Professor of Geophysics
Division of Science

Jeremy Bloxham has been at Harvard since 1985. In 2002, he was named a Harvard College Professor, a distinction recognizing exceptional undergraduate teaching. He has previously taught in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and in the Applied Mathematics program in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and currently teaches in the Freshman Seminar Program. Bloxham studies how planets generate magnetic fields: his research group has addressed this problem using a combination of observational, numerical, theoretical and experimental approaches. He is currently a co-investigator on the Juno mission, a NASA-funded project sending a spacecraft into a polar orbit around Jupiter. Juno launched successfully on August 5, 2011 and will enter orbit on July 5, 2016. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 2007 and is an Honorary Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Photo of Francis J. Doyle IIIFrancis J. Doyle III
John. A Paulson Dean of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences
John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Francis Doyle joined SEAS on August 1, 2015. Previously, he was a distinguished scholar in chemical engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and most recently served as associate dean for research at UCSB’s College of Engineering, where he instigated a major push into bioengineering. He led faculty at two colleges in developing a strategic vision for research and education and in programming and designing a state-of-the-art facility. As founding associate director in 2003 and now director of the multicampus Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, Doyle brings together the research and educational efforts of 55 faculty spanning 15 departments and the campuses of UCSB, Caltech, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Doyle has been named a fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, the International Federation of Automatic Control, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

William R. Fitzsimmons
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

William Fitzsimmons joined Harvard College in 1986. Previously, he was Executive Director of the Harvard College Fund from 1984-86 and Director of Admissions at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges from 1975-1984. In 1972, he was Assistant and Associate Director of Admissions until 1975. He is a former Trustee of the College Board, and is a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling and the former Chair of the Commission on the Use of Standardized Tests in Undergraduate Admissions. Fitzsimmons is also involved in various research projects, publications and professional activities on issues related to admissions and financial aid. He holds Bachelors from Harvard College, and Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Claudine Gay
Dean of the Division of Social Science
Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government and African American Studies

Division of Social Sciencehttp://socialscience.fas.harvard.edu/

Claudine Gay joined the Harvard faculty in 2006, and has served as director of graduate studies for the Department of Government for the past five years. She has also been a member of the Committee on General Education, and earlier this year joined the Steering Committee for the Institute of Quantitative Social Science. She serves on numerous editorial boards and scientific associations, and is vice president of the Midwest Political Science Association. With teaching and research interests that include American political behavior, public opinion, and the politics of race and ethnicity, Gay has investigated the effects of descriptive representation on citizens’ orientations toward their government, the role of neighborhoods in shaping the racial and political attitudes of black Americans, the roots of competition and cooperation between minority groups, and the effects of concentrated poverty on political engagement.

Robin Kelsey photoRobin Kelsey 
Dean of Arts and Humanities
Shirley Carter Burden Professor of Photography

Division of Arts and Humanitieshttp://artsandhumanities.fas.harvard.edu/

Robin Kelsey became the Dean of Arts and Humanities at Harvard University on July 1, 2016. Since 2009, he has been the Shirley Carter Burden Professor of Photography in the Department of History of Art and Architecture, serving as department chair for three years. He holds a PhD in art history from Harvard and a JD from Yale Law School and has practiced law in California. A specialist in the history of photography, Professor Kelsey is the author of Photography and the Art of Chance, published by Harvard University Press in 2015, and Archive Style: Photographs and Illustrations for U.S. Surveys, 1850-1890, published by the University of California Press in 2007. With Blake Stimson, he co-edited a book entitled The Meaning of Photography, published by the Clark Art Institute and Yale University Press in 2008. Professor Kelsey has held visiting professorships at Williams College and the École normale supériere, Paris, and has received various awards for his scholarship and teaching, including the Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize, a Walter Channing Cabot Fellowship, and the Rosalyn Abramson Award.

Rakesh Khurana
Danoff Dean of Harvard College
Faculty Dean of Cabot House
Professor of Sociology and Organizational Behavior
Harvard College

Rakesh Khurana became Danoff Dean of Harvard College on July 1, 2014. In 2000, Khurana was appointed to the Harvard Business School faculty, and was named the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership and Development in 2008. Khurana has been recognized for his commitment to pedagogy, twice earning the Charles M. Williams Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008, 2012) and being nominated in 2013 for the Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising. He has also co-edited “The Handbook for Leadership Theory and Practice” (2010) and “The Handbook for Teaching Leadership” (2012), seminal texts on leadership theory and pedagogical practice. Khurana received his B.S. from Cornell University, and began graduate studies at Harvard in 1993, earning his Ph.D. in 1998 through a joint program between Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). He and his wife, Stephanie (M.B.A., M.P.P.’96), became Faculty Deans of Cabot House in 2010, where they continue to serve and live with their three children.

Leslie KirwanLeslie Kirwan
Dean for Administration and Finance
Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

Leslie Kirwan joined Harvard in 2009. In overseeing the FAS administrative functions, Dean Kirwan is a key partner with Dean Michael D. Smith in efforts to address financial challenges, as well as opportunities and priorities confronting the FAS. Among other duties, she directly leads FAS Finance, Human Resources, Research Administration, Facilities, Physical Resources and Planning, Diversity, and Media and Technology Services.

A graduate of Harvard College (AB 1979) and the Harvard Kennedy School (MPP 1984), Kirwan served as the Secretary of Administration and Finance for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 2007 to 2009. In that role, Kirwan served as a member of Governor’s Deval Patrick’s cabinet, and was responsible for executing key finance and administrative duties including preparation of the Governor’s budget recommendation, development of a state capital budget, monitoring and management of financial activities across state government, and the development and analysis of fiscal policy. She also oversaw the activities of more than 2,500 state employees in agencies and divisions ranging from the Department of Revenue to the Divisions of Human Resources and Information Technology, and chaired the Health Connector Authority which oversees Massachusetts health care reform. Before being tapped by Governor Patrick, Kirwan served in other administration and finance leadership roles in the Commonwealth and at the Massachusetts Port Authority for over 20 years.

Huntington D. Lambert (Hunt)
Dean of the Division of Continuing Education
Division of Continuing Educationhttp://www.dce.harvard.edu/

Huntington Lambert is Dean of the Division of Continuing Education at Harvard University. The Division serves 20,000 students annually and includes Harvard Extension School, with more than 650 online and on-campus courses, as well as numerous undergraduate and graduate degree programs; Harvard Summer School, which offers more than 300 courses to nearly 6,000 students each summer and includes study abroad programs in more than 30 worldwide locations; Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement; Harvard Professional Development Programs; and the Crimson Summer Academy. Previously, Lambert served as Associate Provost of OnlinePlus at Colorado State University (CSU), which enrolls more than 10,000 students in four undergraduate, 27 masters, and three PhD programs. Prior to this, Lambert was a founder and interim CEO of CSU Global Campus and Associate Vice President of Economic Development at CSU. He is also the former Director of the Colorado State University Entrepreneurship Center and a former member of the faculty at the CSU College of Business. During his business career, he was part of 25 startups in 12 countries, 22 of which are still operating. He has helped another 15 startups during his time at CSU including Solix Biofuels, EnviroFit, and Keen One Foods. He has taught strategy, entrepreneurship, and business plan development. 

Susan Lively photo

Susan Lively
Secretary of the Faculty

Office of the Secretaryhttp://secfas.fas.harvard.edu/

As Secretary of the Faculty, Susan Lively aids faculty, staff, and students in formulating and understanding the policies and practices of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. She oversees the organization of the meetings of the Faculty and of the Faculty Council; coordinates the work of the Memorial Minute committees; staffs the Docket Committee; manages the administration of the Prize Office and of the standing committees of the Faculty; and maintains the legislative record of the Faculty. A holder of an A.B. from Dartmouth College and a Ph.D. in History from Harvard, she has previously served, among other roles at Harvard, as Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in the FAS, Assistant Dean for the Arts and Humanities, and Associate Dean of Development in the FAS. In addition, she has taught history and expository writing at Harvard focusing on colonial America.

Xiao-Li Meng
Dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Whipple V. N. Jones Professor 

The Graduate School of Arts and Scienceshttps://www.gsas.harvard.edu/

Xiao-Li Meng is well known for his depth and breadth in research, his innovation and passion in pedagogy, and his vision and effectiveness in administration, as well as for his engaging and entertaining style as a speaker and writer. Meng has received numerous awards and honors for the more than 120 publications he has authored in at least a dozen theoretical and methodological areas, as well as in areas of pedagogy and professional development; he has delivered more than 400 research presentations and public speeches on these topics, and he is the author of “The XL-Files," a regularly appearing column in the IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics) Bulletin. His interests range from the theoretical foundations of statistical inferences (e.g., the interplay among Bayesian, frequentist, and fiducial perspectives; quantify ignorance via invariance principles; multi-phase and multi-resolution inferences) to statistical methods and computation (e.g., posterior predictive p-value; EM algorithm; Markov chain Monte Carlo; bridge and path sampling) to applications in natural, social, and medical sciences and engineering (e.g., complex statistical modeling in astronomy and astrophysics, assessing disparity in mental health services, and quantifying statistical information in genetic studies). Meng received his BS in mathematics from Fudan University in 1982 and his PhD in statistics from Harvard in 1990. He was on the faculty of the University of Chicago from 1991 to 2001 before returning to Harvard as Professor of Statistics, where he was appointed department chair in 2004 and the Whipple V. N. Jones Professor in 2007. He was appointed GSAS Dean on August 15, 2012 (on leave 2017-18).

Robert L. "Bob" Scalise
John D. Nichols ’53 Family Director of Athletics

Harvard Athleticshttp://www.gocrimson.com/landing/index

Robert Scalise oversees the nation's largest Division I athletic program with 42 varsity sports and extensive recreational, club and intramural club sports programs. Scalise received his A.B. from Brown University in 1971 along with the titles of All-American and All-Ivy League as an athlete. In 1974, he was named head coach of the Harvard’s Men’s Lacrosse program and help established the women’s soccer team in 1976. Scalise left coaching in 1987 after being accepted in to the MBA program at Harvard Business School. In 1992, he accepted a position at Bain & Company to become Director of Recruiting, Career Development, and Alumni Relations. During his tenure at Bain, he helped develop strategic and operational initiatives to build people assets for the firm. Scalise returned to the Business School in 1995 as its Executive Director of MBA Program Administration before assuming the role of Associate Dean and Senior Executive Officer.  Scalise was appointed as the Athletic Director in July 2001.

Nina Zipser

Nina Zipser
Dean for Faculty Affairs and Planning

Office for Faculty Affairshttp://facultyresources.fas.harvard.edu/fas-office-faculty-affairs

Nina Zipser has led the Office for Faculty Affairs (OFA) since May 2008. In this role, she works closely with the FAS deans to develop and execute long-range plans and policies affecting the faculty. OFA coordinates academic planning; oversees all policy and procedural aspects of faculty hiring, promotions, leaves, and retirements; collects and analyzes data pertaining to the faculty; and advises individual faculty and administrators. After receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics from Harvard, Zipser joined the faculty at M.I.T., where she taught and conducted research on differential geometry. She then joined the Boston Consulting Group, and in 2003 she became Harvard’s first Director of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR). As founding Director for five years, Zipser defined the mission of OIR, working with all of Harvard’s Schools to help them undergird policy decisions with quantitative and qualitative analyses. Zipser brings this approach to her current role.