Researcher Brian O'Shea standing in with a staircase and books behind him, smiling at the camera.

What fuels prejudice?

August 5, 2019

Social scientists have long worked to understand the roots of racial prejudice in the U.S., and for years, the story went like this: As different groups are exposed to others, their prejudice against those others increases.... Read more about What fuels prejudice?

Outcome of Title IX Investigation

May 9, 2019

Dear Members of the FAS Community,
I am writing to inform you that the Title IX investigation into allegations concerning Jorge Dominguez is now complete. The Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) conducted a thorough and careful review of all formal allegations made against Dominguez, and concluded that he engaged in unwelcome sexual conduct toward several individuals, on multiple occasions over a period spanning nearly four decades.
The responsibility for determining appropriate sanctions for documented Title IX policy violations rests with the School of the...

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Onege Maroadi

Overcoming the odds

May 3, 2019

There’s pursuing an advanced degree, and then there’s pursuing an advanced degree while readying for the arrival of your first child, recovering from major surgery, and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Welcome to the life of Lt. Cmdr. Onege Maroadi, whose determination to attend Harvard never faltered.... Read more about Overcoming the odds