FAS Pandemic Planning and Response Group

COVID-19 presents unique management challenges. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) must be vigilant and adaptable across a large, complex organization with deep interdependencies but highly distributed decision-making, and in the context of rapidly evolving public health conditions and guidelines. To pursue our teaching and research mission in this new environment requires coordination, communication, and clear and timely data. The FAS Pandemic Planning and Response Group (PPRG) was created to meet this need. 
PPRG will provide ongoing management, oversee implementation, and direct adaptation of fall reopening plans, as needed. This new management team is an evolution of the emergency response and planning efforts that have been underway since March. PPRG is chaired by Edgerley Family Dean of the FAS Claudine Gay and meets weekly to monitor key indicators, coordinate pandemic management activities being carried out within the College, GSAS, Athletics, and the Academic Divisions, to coordinate with University advisory bodies and working groups, and to address policy issues that may arise in the course of our pandemic management activities. 

This work will continue to be guided by the same core principles the FAS established at the outset of this crisis: to put health and safety first, protect the academic enterprise, leverage our breadth and diversity, and preserve access and affordability.

Members of the PPRG include:

  • Claudine Gay, Edgerley Family Dean of the FAS, chair
  • Rakesh Khurana, Danoff Dean of Harvard College
  • Emma Dench, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Chris Stubbs, Dean of Science
  • Larry Bobo, Dean of Social Science
  • Robin Kelsey, Dean of Arts and Humanities
  • Frank Doyle, John A. Paulson Dean of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Nancy Coleman, Dean of the Division of Continuing Education
  • Nina Zipser, Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Leslie Kirwan, Dean for Administration and Finance
  • Martha Whitehead, Vice President for the Harvard Library and University Librarian
  • Erin McDermott, John D. Nichols ’53 Family Director of Harvard Athletics
  • Mike Burke, FAS Registrar
  • Katie O’Dair, Dean of Students for Harvard College
  • Amanda Claybaugh, Dean of Undergraduate Education
  • Zak Gingo, Associate Dean for Physical Resources and Planning
  • Karen Pearce, Director of Institutional Research
  • Mary Ann Bradley, Associate Dean for Administrative Operations
  • Nina Collins, Associate Dean of the FAS
  • Anna Cowenhoven, Associate Dean for Communications and Public Affairs
  • Sheree Ohen, Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, FAS

FAS Scenario Planning

The FAS Scenario Planning team, and the 11 working groups that support them, worked to develop paths forward to adapt the pursuit of Harvard’s teaching and research mission to the changed circumstances of the fall and beyond. Read more about how we reached this decision.

FAS coronavirus communications can be found on the FAS Covid-19 webpage.