Public Workshop: Trisha Baga


Friday, February 17, 2017, 3:00pm to 6:00pm


Ceramics Program–Office for the Arts at Harvard: 224 Western Avenue, Allston

ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR: Ceramics Program–Office for the Arts at Harvard; Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
SPEAKER(S): Trisha Baga
DIRECTED BY: Trisha Baga
COST: Free
As the 2017 Josep Lluis Sert Practitioner in the Arts, Trisha Baga will lead an open ceramics session and screening at Harvard Ceramics Studio on Feb 17. The event will be the culmination of workshops with VES students that explore the performative and political capacities of clay.
Trisha Baga is a founding member of the ceramic club, cc, in New York which has met monthly since 2009 to make “chicken legs, ears, pizza huts, vagina bowls, vagina one hitters, tacos, rocks and blocks, bricks, snake skins, pickles, whistles….” as well as protest signs and busts of Hillary Clinton. She is best known for immersive installations that project video through fields of hand-wrought objects that consider the operations of looking as an embodied experience. Her work follows the aggregate and distracted logic of internet browsing and scanning, fusing screen and space in scattered yet fluid gestures.
Baga was born in Venice, Florida in 1985 and lives and works in New York. She received her BFA at Cooper Union in 2007 and her MFA at Bard College in 2010. She has had solo exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Vilma Gold Gallery, London, and the Kunstverein Munich, and has shown her work at Greene Naftali Gallery, EAI, PS1, Johann Koenig Gallery, Performa09, The Housatonic Museum, LAXART, and El Centro Cultural Montehermoso. She has an upcoming exhibition at 356 Mission, Los Angeles in 2017.

The Josep Lluis Sert Practitioner is an annual invitation to a distinguished artist to spend several days in residence at the Carpenter Center, engaged with students and other members of the academic community in a variety of possible activities. Founded in 1986, the program is supported by a generous gift of the late Robert Gardner, former director of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, director of the Film Study Center, and chair of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. The residency includes both close engagement with a small group of students (acting in a collaborative way) and also some occasion open to a larger invited group of faculty, students, and the general public. This larger occasion includes a lecture-demonstration, talk, or rehearsal-performance, depending on both the art and practices involved, and the wishes of the Practitioner.

The Office for the Arts at Harvard Ceramics Program is a creative studio and laboratory study environment for the Harvard community, international artists, scholars and scientists. For almost 50 years the Ceramics Program has served Harvard University and the greater community with its exciting educational offerings. Courses are offered over three semesters at all levels, as well as occasional events for undergraduates, like Clay All Night events, and workshops for FAS courses and student groups. Complementing the wide range of courses are lectures, master classes, and demonstrations by visiting artists and ceramics involving potters, sculptors, art historians and archaeologists from all over the world.

Special thanks to Kathy King, Director of Education.