Daniel E. Lieberman

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Principal Investigator-Skeletal Bio Lab; HEB Department Chair

Phone: (617) 495-5479 | Email | Website

Research interests: I study how and why the human body looks and functions as it does, and how human evolution is relevant to human health today.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Carolyn Eng

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests:I am interested in muscle and tendon physiology and factors affecting the behavior of muscle in vivo. Specifically, I am interested in the development, plasticity, and functional relevance of muscle architecture and its contribution to dynamic muscle function. I am also interested in the interaction between muscles and tendons and how their interaction influences energy storage and ultimately, locomotor efficiency.

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Anna Warrener

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Manager of the Skeletal Biology Lab

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: My research focuses on relating musculoskeletal anatomy to locomotor biomechanics. Most recently I’ve been studying the effect of pelvic shape on hip abductor function and walking and running efficiency, a project that I am now expanding to investigate the mechanics of mediolateral balance of the body during locomotion.

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Katherine Zink

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College Fellow

Research Interests: Broadly, I am interested in how food processing techniques would act to alter hominid biology. More specifically, my primary focus concerns the effects of cooking on masticatory force production, bioavailability of nutrients, and skull and dental growth.

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Graduate Students:

Brian Addison

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Graduate Student

Research Interests: Cortical and trabecular bone as a biological tissue and engineering material.

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Eamon Callison

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Graduate Student

Research Interests: COMING SOON

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Eric Castillo

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Graduate Student

Research Interests: Biomechanics, functional morphology, experimental biology, mammalian locomotion, human and nonhuman primate evolution.

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Heather Dingwall

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Graduate Student

Research Interests: Biomechanics, functional morphology, evolution of human and nonhuman primate locomotion.

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Andrew Yegian

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Graduate Student

Research Interests: The  morphological adaptations for bipedal locomotion, specifically in the upper body, and the constraints energy and stability place on bipedal animals.

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Meir M. Barak

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Associate | Website

Research Interests: trabecular bone tissue and the relation between architecture and orientation, and the locomotion behavior (direction of loading) of living primates and ancient hominins.

Brenda Frazier

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Teaching Assistant; Associate

Research Interests: Cranial development, evolution and allometry.

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Philip Rightmire

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Associate | Website

Research Interests: My interests include systematics, musculoskeletal anatomy, skeletal biology of human populations, paleoanthropology, and hominin evolution. My research focuses on the genus Homo, and I have been able to study fossils from many of the important prehistoric localities in Africa, western Eurasia, Java, and China. I am particularly interested in the origin and dispersal of Homo erectus at the beginning of the Pleistocene, and the ways in which this species was able to adapt to challenges posed by novel environments. Using comparative anatomical and metric evidence, I am also attempting to map the evolutionary relationships among human populations of the Middle Pleistocene. I find this work in paleoanthropology to be highly rewarding. Discoveries of fossils call for constant adjustments to our thinking about the evolutionary process, and the future promises to bring many exciting new developments.

Contact Info: Email | Phone: (617) 495-5703

Madhusudhan Venkadesan

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Associate | Website

Research Interests: Dynamics of biomechanical systems, Multibody dynamics, Multisensory control, Optimal control, Model reduction, Neuromuscular biomechanics, Robotics, Sensorimotor Control, Bifurcation theory, Stochastic dynamical systems, Probability theory, Delay differential equations, Differential geometry, Clinical measurement and evaluation of motor function, Nonlinear dynamical systems.

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