Amnon Ben-Tor, Sharon Zuckerman, Shlomit Bechar, and Debora Sandhaus

Hazor VII. The 1990 - 2012 Excavations. The Bronze Age

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society. Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2017

Edited by Tsipi Kuper-Blau. 752 pages; hard cover. Numerous photos and drawings; ISBN 978-965-221-112-5


The seventh volume of the Hazor final reports, published in 2017 by Israel Exploration Society in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is dedicated to the Bronze Age finds in Area A, located at the center of the acropolis. This monumental volume brings to light the results of the renewed excavations in 1990–2012. Part I presents the stratigraphic analysis of the architectural finds dated to the third and second millennia (Strata XX–XIII), offering a new understanding of some of these strata. Part II offers an analysis of the ceramic finds dating from the Neolithic period to the Late Bronze Age. This part includes typological schemes of the Bronze Age ceramic finds from Hazor as well as a discussion of the functional, regional and chronological aspects of the Hazor assemblages. Part III presents the many other finds dating from the Bronze Age, including statues, figurines, jewellery, tools, weapons and cuneiform tablets.


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