Ramat Raḥel III - Final Publication of Yohanon Aharoni's Excavations (1954, 1959-1962)

Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2016. Tel Aviv University Nadler Institute of Archaeology Monograph Series Number 35. Two volumes, Pp. x + 283 (vol. 1); x + 362 (vol. 2). ISBN 1-57506-490-1

This two-volume report brings to full publication the results of Yohanon Aharoni's 1954, 1959-1962 archaeological excavations at the site of Ramat Raḥel. The authors, who spent years locating and retrieving lost field cards, photographs and finds, present the earliest excavations at the site, until now only published in preliminary form. The full publication of Ramat Raḥel, with its palace renowned for its unique architectural plan, use of stone ornamentation and hundreds of stamped handles, is a welcome addition to scholarly literature on the history and archaeology of Judah during the Iron, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Early Islamic periods.

Volume I offers the reader detailed architectural plans and field photos that serve as a base for a sound and meticulous evaluation of the site's stratigraphy and architecture. It poses an integrative approach that emphasizes well-contextualized pottery assemblages for the dating of the various architectural units.

Volume II is devoted to the full publication of thousands of Aharoni's finds from the diverse periods of settlement, which attest to the site's importance throughout history.

An addendum to the volume is the final publication of Gideon Solimany's 2000-2002 excavations, carried out in preparation of turning the site into an archaeological park.

Ramat Raḥel III will be followed by Ramat Raḥel IV, V, and VI, which are the reports of the more recent renewed excavations at Ramat Raḥel.

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