Tristan Barako and nancy j. lapp

Tell er-Rumeith: The Excavations of Paul W. Lapp 1962 and 1967

American Schools of Oriental Research, 2015; 444 pages (207 b/w illus. & 38 tbls.)



Tell er-Rumeith lies at the eastern edge of the Irbid plain in northern Jordan not far from the Syrian border and the present town of Ramtha. The publication presents the most complete corpus of Iron Age pottery for this area and its occupation reflects the Biblical traditions of the region. Tristan Barako and the other authors have used the field notes, reports, and photographs of Paul Lapp's excavations in the 1960s to bring together this final report. In Part I of the volume, Barako presents the basic stratigraphy of the site and the corpus of Iron Age pottery that represents its main period of occupation. Part II presents studies of artifacts by a variety of authors, including the post-Iron age pottery, noteworthy presentations of the community health (the human skeleton evidence) and textile production at the site, as well as a fascinating collections of figurines, groundstone, and other small finds.

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