eleonora kormysheva

with S. Malykh, M. Lebedev, and S. Vetokhov

Giza. Eastern Necropolis III: Tombs of Tjenty II, Khufuhotep, and Anonymous Tombs GE 17, GE 18, GE 47, GE 48, and GE 49

Moscow: Institue of Oriental Studies RAS, 2015. ISBN 978-5-89282-656-3

The third volume of the publication series of the Russian Archaeological Mission at Giza contains the results of the archaeological research of the ancient Egyptian rock-cut tombs of the Old Kingdom, located to the south from the tomb of Khafraankh (G 7948), on the eastern edge of the Eastern Field of Giza Necropolis. In the course of excavations cult chapels with epigraphic material and burial shafts were discovered. The book consists of the publication of the excavated tombs and the analytical part. It includes the analysis architecture, epigraphy and archaeological context of the burials, the study of ceramic and anthropological materials and finds, discussion problems of dating the tombs, aspects of architecture and relief decoration.



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