Oren Gutfeld

Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City Jerusalem conducted by Nahman Avigad, 1969 - 1982

Volume V: The Cardo (Area X) and the Nea Church (Areas D and T), Final Report

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 2012


From 1969 - 1982 extensive archaeological excavations were conducted in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem under the direction of the late Professor Nahman Avigad on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Israel Exploration Society, and the Department of Antiquities (now the Israel Antiquities Authority). During these excavations remains of fortifications, public buildings, and domestic dwellings were found, as well as numerous artifacts from all of the periods of the continuous settlement of this area, from the end of the Iron Age through the Ottoman period.

Among the major discoveries made over the course of the Jewish Quarter Excavations are fortifications, part of the northern section of the First Wall that protected the Southwestern Hill of Jerusalem during the First and Second Temple periods; luxurious residences of the Upper City of Jerusalem of the late Second Temple period, including the Palatial Mansion; the Cardo and the Nea Church of the Byzantine period; a public architectural complex including a large hall from the Crusader period; and sections of the southern fortifications of the Islamic city. These and other finds from the excavations in the Jewish Quarter have changed many of the traditional conceptions of the size and topography of ancient Jerusalem.

This volume is the fifth of the final reports of the excavations in the Jewish Quarter. It presents the architectural remains and artifacts from two major Byzantine architectural complexes: the Cardo (Area X), a long, wide colonnaded street that served as the main north-south thoroughfare of the city, and the Nea Church (Areas D and T), one of the largest and most important churches to have been constructed in the Land of Israel in the Byzantine period. These two structural complexes have had a last

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