R. Greenberg, E. Eisenberg, S. Paz and Y. Paz

Bet Yerah, The Early Bronze Age Mound - Vol. I and II

Israel Antiquities Authorit, 2006 and 2014


Volume I: Excavation Reports 1933-1986

Vol. I presents the stratigraphy, architecture and ceramic assemblages of ten excavation fields at Tel Bet Yerah, excavated between 1933 and 1986. The reports summarize documentation gathered from diverse excavations, ranging in size from a few squares to over a thousand square meters, most of which were conducted as salvage work ahead of construction and road-building on the mound. Major monuments described in this report include the Early Bronze Age site fortifications and gateway, domestic quarters, and the 'Granary', or Circles Building, in the northern part of the mound. The ceramic assemblages, presented in context, cover the entire Early Bronze Age. In addition, a rich Middle Bronze Age assemblage is described. The reports are prefaced with a history and bibliography of excavations, including a list of sources for the documentation. 490 + vii pp.


Volume II: Urban Sturcture and Material Culture, 1933-1986 Excavations

Vol. II complements the stratigraphic and contextual presentation of Vol. I with synthetic overviews of site formation, the evolution of urban architecture, and Early Bronze Age ceramic industries, technology (including petrography) and typology. These studies are based on research conducted on the site and its materials since 2007. Further chapters are devoted to the lithic industries and the rich and diverse collection of stone artifacts and small finds. Highlights of this volume include the presentation of several household inventories, a corpus of more than 350 complete ceramic forms, and fine examples of Early Bronze Age art – figurines and zoomorphs, seal impressions and painted plaques. 308 + vii pp.


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