Annual Report

The Annual Report, or Status Report, is for existing grantees to update their progress toward publication. An annual report is reqiured each year until the final publication of your project. If you have questions or concerns, please email White Levy or give us a call at 617-495-9317.

For grantees who are still applying for funding, your annual report was due by August 1st, 2017. You must also send a Renewal Request to formally request additional funding. You may put the Renewal Request and the Annual Report in the same PDF if you would like, just make sure the Renewal Request is last and on its own page. Sending them as separate PDFs is also acceptable.

For grantees who are no longer receiving funding, your next report is due on April 1st, 2018. An annual report is due every April 1st until publication. Please send us any updates in publication status, or address/phone/email changes, as soon as they occur.

To complete your annual report, please send one PDF containing your report and images to:

Please name the PDF "YOURLASTNAME_AnnualReport_2017.pdf". If you have had a change in address (home or office) or phone number since your last report, please include and highlight this information in your email to us.

1. Report

Your status report should include details of the status of your project, all progress that has been made towards the completion of the project, and accounting of your funds used. It may also include samples of work to date (sample chapter, data sheet, drawings, etc.).

2. Images, Maps, Graphs/Charts

It is optional for you to submit images as a part of your report, although you are encouraged to do so. Please include them at the end of the report, with captions on the images or on a separate page following them.

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