Semitic Museum No. 1995.10.700
White Painted(Iron Age) Bowl
Date: Cypro-Geometric

Height: 5.8 cm.
Max. Diameter: 12.2 cm.
Ext. Rim Diameter: 11.7 cm.
Base Diameter: 6.3 cm.
Preservation: Intact; very pitted interior, paint on interior base barely visible.
Stanford No.: 1097 (red)

Form: White Painted II Ware medium-deep bowl, without a low foot or stemmed foot. Straight body, profile incurves to the rim but the rim flares (on one side) from the interior, carination placed very low on the body, very wide slight disk base; small but wide set opposing loop handles, upside-down "V"-shaped, circular to flattened in section, placed at mid-body.

Fabric: The clay shows grey where it is visible on the exterior, fine white, black and shiny inclusions.

Decoration: White slip? Decoration: linear encircling lines in matt black to charcoal grey paint Interior: thin band inside the rim with a wide one just underneath, wide circle of small diameter on the base ; Exterior: wide band over rim and onto exterior, wide band again at lower body, at the change of plane; paint over the exterior surfaces of the handles and extending onto the body.

Technical/Manufacturing: Wheelmade. Handles not placed opposite each other. Vessel is very thin-walled, warped, the rim flares on one side; light in weight. Tool marks visible on the lower body, which has been left very rough; tooling also visible on the base.

Remarks: Provenance unknown. Body shape very similar to 1995.10.601 et al which have cylindrical feet and flaring or flattened disk bases. This shape is of Aegean influence, derived from LCIII Decorated Ware shapes but not frequently found in Proto-White Painted and Bichrome Wares. A deep bowl/cup with a sharper profile reemerges in the Cypro-Geometric III period. 1995.10.700 is the only example with the low disk base; 694 and 697 have thick everted rims; 695,697,699 have wider handles. See the entry for 1995.10.601 for discussion of the deep bowl/drinking cup/kylix shape.

  • Publication: None.
  • Comparanda SM: 1995.10.694 for body shape, profile and rim, and decoration but 700 has a wider base, 695 for profile and rim. See entry for 601; but for 12 of the same shape bowls as 700 see 1995.10.694 for 695,697,699 (separate entry);646 for 649 (separate entry); 648 for 698,701-702 (separate entry).
  • Comparanda Elsewhere: SCE IV:2, Fig. XII, 7:4a. Mee and Steele 1998:22, Fig. 17, Cat. nos. 91-92, White Painted II bowls in Liverpool University (C272, C297), without provenance. Fortin 1996:36, Fig. and Plate on page 193, Cat. No. 127, WP III Ware bowl, now at Laval University (L. 300).
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