Semitic Museum No. 1995.10.218
Bichrome Jug
Date: Cypro-Geometric

Height: 24.6 cm.
Max. Diameter: 17.9 cm.
Base Diameter: 7.7 cm.
Preservation: Some of neck and entire rim missing, relatively recent breaks?; surface pitted.
Stanford No.: 4254 (red)

Form: Bichrome III jug. Globular body, ring base, high neck with a neck-ridge (profiled ridge) within the flaring top portion of the neck above the handle (at the beginning of the "crow's nest" shape), another pronounced ridge also at the base of the neck, at the neck/shoulder junction; vertical handle, subrectangular in section, with wide groove down the center.

Fabric: Well levigated brown-beige clay with fine black and white inclusions.

Decoration: Thick beige-cream slip not too dissimilar to the color of the clay. Body well burnished. Painted decoration in brown-black and red-orange: 3 thin dark encircling bands on the neck, a wider band around the profile ridge, thick band at neck/body junction, sets of vertically placed concentric circles cover the sides of the body, under the handle and opposing it is a dark-brown double-lined X motif with a single vertical line running through it; the outer orange concentric circles (bordered in black) are attached in 3 places by sets of narrow light-colored strokes (just below the neck there are 3 short vertical lines, a zig-zag pattern and then 3 more vertical lines, bordered on each side by 4 more short vertical strokes, there appears to be faint traces of beige paint under these latter lines, which formed part of another vertical concentric circle; dark horizontal bands/brushstrokes down the handle with a thick reddish-brown stripe emphasizing the deep vertical groove in the center.

Technical/Manufacturing: Wheelmade. Fine ridge at neck/body junction, another just above the top handle attachment. Some spauling.

Remarks: Provenance unknown. Stanford card says that this jug had a pinched rim (which no longer exists)? Cypriot version of a Phoenician proto-type; the brushwork is very Cypriot per Patricia Bikai (personal communication); she finds it very hard to belief that this vessel ever had a pinched rim, but if true it would reconfirm its Cypriot manufacture (see Comparanda Other below). The various neck ridges reflect the copying in ceramic of a metal jug. The straight neck is an Archaic trait, but this vessel is Geometric in date, Bichrome III perhaps.

  • Publication: None.
  • Comparanda SM: 1995.10.102, 225, 291, 574-75.
  • Comparanda Elsewhere: SCE IV:2, Fig. XXII, 14:6b, which is Bichrome III according to Gjerstad. Breise 1985 for Phoenician proto-types. Karageorghis and Olenik 1997:100, Cat. no. 51, Bichrome III jug, in the Eretz Museum catalogue, with a trefoil rim.
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