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Cyprus is a large, mountainous island in the eastern Mediterranean, 120 kilometers west of Syria and 70 kilometers south of Turkey. The heavily forested Troodos mountain massif in the southwest and the Kyrenia range along the north coast flank the rolling central Mesaoria plain. Elsewhere mountains partition the island into winding river valleys and narrow coastal plains. The Troodos foothills are rich in copper and in antiquity Cyprus gave its name to the metal. The abundance of copper, the diverse yet compact landscape, and the proximity of Syro-Anatolia directly affected patterns of human settlement on Cyprus and thus, its archaeology.

Below, we have tried to provide background information and discussion for a wide variety of knowledge levels. You will find pages which describe Cypriot chronology and archaeology, discussions on the various types of Cypriot objects, including a variety of pottery wares, a map, timeline, and similar things. As they become available, we will also include papers or articles which are produced dealing with the Cesnola Collection or with Cypriot archaeology as it relates to the material in the collection.


  General Information    
  The Island of Cyprus (coming . . . )
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. This page will tell you more about Cyprus, its topography, geology, flora, and fauna.
  Map of Cyprus ( coming . . . )
The map shows ancient sites, as well as present day cities, mountains and rivers. There will be a larger version available as a link.

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Chronology & Archaeology  
  The Neolithic and Chalcolithic Periods
  The Early Cypriot Period and Tombs    
  The Middle Cypriot Period and Tombs
  The Late Cypriot Period and Tombs  
  The Iron Age: Cypro-Geometric Period and Tombs  
  The Iron Age: Cypro-Archaic Period and Tombs  
  The Iron Age: Cypro-Classical Period and Tombs  
  The Hellenistic Period  
  The Roman Period    
  The Byzantine Period    

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Materials and Wares

Early & Middle Cypriot Wares
  Ceramics: Bronze Age Pots and Potters  
  Early Cypriot: Red Polished Ware  
  Middle Cypriot: White Painted, Red Slip-Black Slip  
  Late Cypriot: Base Ring, White Slip, Mycenaean, Plain White Wheelmade, White Shaved, Proto-White Painted  
  Ceramics: Iron Age Pots and Potters    
  Gjerstad's Typology of Iron Age Pottery

Iron Age Bichrome Ware
  Cypro-Geometric: White Painted , Bichrome, Plain White, Black Slip  
  Cypro-Geometric III: Black on Red, Red Slip, Grey & Black Polished  
  Cypro-Archaic: Bichrome Red  
  Cypro-Classical: Stroke Polished  
  Ceramics: Hellenistic    
  Ceramics: Roman and Later Antiquity    
  Alabastra & Unguentaria  

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  Papers and Articles
Stay tuned for coming attractions . . .

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