Harvard University

Rights and Responsibilities


The Student Events Fund (SEF) was created by students for students and demonstrates a commitment to removing financial barriers that might prevent a studentís participation in campus activities. The program is made possible by scholarship dollars and is in addition to the Collegeís very generous financial aid program. It is administered jointly by the Financial Aid Office (FAO), the Office of Student Life (OSL), and the Harvard Box Office (HBO)

While the program financially supports participation by SEF-eligible students in an event, SEF should not be viewed as a revenue stream to fund an event. Student organization leaders and SEF eligible students are expected to responsibly and ethically participate in the SEF ticketing program. The following Rights and Responsibilities outline the expectations for such participation.

SEF-Eligible Students



Please note: Abuse and misuse of the program, including transferring tickets to others and the promotion and acquisition of SEF-funded tickets that are not used or canceled, may result in the loss of SEF privileges for the individual and the organization as well as other disciplinary measures.

Ordering a ticket through the Student Events Fund involves four simple steps:

  1. Authenticate - Let us know who you are
  2. Choose an event - select the event of your choice
  3. Verify status of your ticket at http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~sef
  4. Pick Up the Ticket - At the door of the event up to an hour prior to the event start time

I have read and agree to the above SEF Rights and Responsibilities.