Harvard University



The Student Events Fund is a partnership among The Harvard Undergraduate Council, The Harvard Box Office, Harvard College, Office of the Dean of Harvard College, and The Harvard College Financial Aid Office.

The Student Events Fund was founded by the

2001-2002 Student Events Fund Committee:

Rohit Chopra '04 (Student Affairs Committee Chair, Harvard Undergraduate Council)
Sally C. Donahue (Director of Financial Aid)
Paul A. Gusmorino 3rd '02 (President Emeritus, Harvard Undergraduate Council)
David P. Illingworth (Associate Dean of Harvard College)
Janet Irons (Associate Director of Financial Aid)
Aimee Ricciardone (Associate Box Office Manager and Manager of Student Ticketing Services, Harvard Box Office)
Kate Richey '03 (Harvard Undergraduate Council)
Rachel Skiffer (Financial Aid Officer)

Special Thanks

The Committee thanks HASCS for providing us with the computing environment that makes projects like the Student Events Fund possible, particularly Frank Steen, Director of HASCS, and Gordon Ross.

Thanks also go to Judith H Kidd, Associate Dean of Harvard College ; Paul McLoughlin, Assistant Dean of Harvard College ; Michael Hussey, Financial Aid Officer; Caroline Boutte-Thompson, Financial Aid IT Operations Manager ; and Jason Govostes, Associate Box Office Manager.