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Summary of March 19, 2010 RAS Friday

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Announcements & Updates: FAS Personnel Updates, Upcoming Workshops, Other Announcements

FAS Data Security Follow-up and Accellion Demo


UPAS Streamlining

Hot Topic of the Month: Supplemental Salary Procedures












Announcements & Updates:

1. FAS Personnel Updates: Welcome to the new attendees at the March RAS Friday!

  • Susan Gomes - Research Development Officer for Science, FAS Research Administration Services
  • BriAnne Crowley - Sponsored Research Administrator, Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
  • Marcie Steeves - Research Administration Specialist, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Rady Rogers - Lab Coordinator (Faculty Support Specialist), Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Denise Battles - Financial Associate at Risk Management and Audit Services

2. RAS Friday attendee list: We hope to distribute a list at the next RAS Friday of the names and departments of everyone on the RAS Friday invitee list.

3. Buddy Pilot Program: Once the list of RAS Friday invitees is finalized, an email will be sent inviting departmental personnel, OSP personnel, and RAS personnel to volunteer for a buddy pilot program, intended to be a support system for departments.

4. Three upcoming learning opportunities:


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FAS Data Security Follow-up and Accellion Demo -

Jay Carter, FAS Director of Information Security
Esmond Kane, Information Security Specialist

Sign up for Accellion access at https://fta.fas.harvard.edu/courier/1000@/mail_user_login.html

Use Accellion when sending HRCI (high-risk confidential information) or CI (confidential information). Please note that Accellion protects only the attachments to emails, not the body of an email nor the subject line of an email.

HRCI is a person's name, in conjunction with:

  • Social Security number
  • Credit or debit card number
  • Individual financial account
  • Driver's license
  • State ID or passport number
  • Biometric information
  • Human subjects information
  • Personally-identifiable medical information

Other confidential information is:

  • Detailed information about University buildings, activities, or events
  • Faculty searches
  • Future University development plans
  • Grant information
  • HR records
  • Student grades
  • Other (eg, salary information, HUID#, names of family members)

Download the handout (including Q&A) here. For questions, please contact Jay Carter (jcarter@fas.harvard.edu) or Esmond Kane (kane2@fas.harvard.edu).

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FASSPAR update - Sheila Doyle

New changes to FASSPAR to be introduced soon include:

  • Comments box on Report 0 (to go along with the Rainbow Report feature)
  • Budgeting responsibilities taken into account on Budget Entry Screen (if the user does not have budgeting responsibilities, s/he will still be able to access the Budget Entry Screen, but will not be able to upload a budget to the General Ledger).
  • Introductory text added at the beginning of the Budget Entry Screen
  • Mouse-over balloons created on the Budget Entry Screen (to clarify column headers etc.)

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UPAS Streamlining - Simone Alpen

OSP and FAD Systems Solutions are looking into the possibility of eliminating the paper UPAS form in favor of an electronic system in GMAS. They are looking for volunteers to form a team that will examine the current practices, especially the requirement for four separate approval signatures on the paper form. Please contact Simone Alpen (simone_alpen@harvard.edu) for more information or to volunteer.

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Hot Topic of the Month: Supplemental Salary - Alan Long

Alan's "hot topic" for March is a clarification about the implementation of Supplemental Salary. Alan's Supplemental Salary handout explains the changes made in a concise fashion. Please contact Alan at aklong@fas.harvard.edu should you have any questions regarding Supplemental Salary.

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