FAS Research Administration Services


The Dean's Approval
Committee on the Use of Human Subjects/IRB
The CUHS is responsible for reviewing research protocols that involve human subjects.
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
The IACUC is responsible for reviewing research involving vertebrate animals.
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee
The ESCRO reviews research involving human embryonic stem cells.
Export Controls
Government regulations in the area of exports are very complex. Please see http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~research/policy/export_controls.html for more information.
Committee on Microbiological Safety
Investigators must register with COMS studies involving recombinant DNA, agents pathogenic for animals, including humans, plants, and biological toxins, and two kinds of human studies - those involving gene transfer and those involving the transplantation of animal tissues into humans.
Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations Notification
The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (formerly the University Development Office) must be notified of proposals being submitted to certain private foundations and corporations, found on the Managed Prospect List. Note that this is notification only, proposals are not reviewed or approved by the UDO.

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