Charles Nunn

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Comparative primatology, disease ecology, and cultural dynamics

cnunn [at] | website
Group Members and Affiliates
Christian Arnold

Research Fellow and Ph.D. Student, University of Leipzig
Research Interests: Phylogenetics, databases, and bioinformatics

carnold [at] | website
Chris Golden

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment
Research Interests: Ecology and epidemiology in the context of biodiversity loss and ecosystem transformation

cgolden [at] | website
Randi Griffin

Research Assistant
Research Interests: Phylogenetics, disease ecology, and primate social networks

rgriff23 [at]

Previously: Senior Honors Thesis 2009
Charlotte Lane

Undergraduate Researcher
Research Interests: Phylogenetics, primate development, and social learning

clane [at]
Collin McCabe

Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: Cultural and epidemiological transmission dynamics

mccabe [at] | website
Diana Miao

Undergraduate Researcher
Research Interests: Disease ecology and phylogenetics

dmiao [at]
James Pitt

Undergraduate Researcher
Research Interests: Health policy, disease ecology, and coinfection

jamespitt [at]
Hillary Young

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment
Research Interests: Infectious disease and community ecology

hyoung [at] | website

Lab Alumni

Carrie Brezine

Ph.D. Student, Archaeology (Completed 2011)
Research Interests: Ethnomathematics, textiles, and the Andes

rapazina [at] | website

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Michigan
Natalie Cooper

Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests: Comparative methods, phylogeography, and disease ecology

ncooper [at] | website

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin
Dan Driscoll

Undergraduate (Senior Honors Thesis, 2011)
Research Interests: Disease ecology and emerging infectious diseases

Current position: DAAD Fellow / Robert Koch Institute
Sarah Fennel

Summer Intern (Martin Luther King Scholar, NYU)
Research Interests: Behavioral ecology and global public health

Current position: University of Michigan (Physical Anthropology)
Mathias Franz

Ph.D. Student, Max Planck Institute (Completed 2010)
Research Interests: Evolution and dynamics of cultural transmission

mathias.franz [at] | website

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Göttingen
Katherine Kim

Undergraduate (Senior Honors Thesis, 2011)
Research Interests: Reproductive health, STDs, and mating patterns

Current position: Henry Russell Shaw Traveling Fellow (Paris)
Luke Matthews

Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests: Behavioral evolution, phylogeny, and social learning

ljm244 [at] | website

Current Position: MedNetworks
Moshood Omotayo

MPH Student, Harvard School of Public Health
Research Interests: Global health and infectious disease epidemiology

momotayo [at]
Mallory Owen

Undergraduate (Senior Honors Thesis, 2012)
Research Interests: Social learning and evolution of religion
Jordan Peart

Undergraduate (Senior Honors Thesis, 2012)
Research Interests: Emerging infections at the human-wildlife interface
Joanna Rifkin

Research Assistant
Research Interests: Evolution understood through ecology and genetics

joanna.rifkin [at] | website

Current Position: Duke University (Program in Genetics and Genomics)
Megan Srinivas

Undergraduate (Senior Honors Thesis, 2009)
Research Interests: Malaria and evolution of resistance

Current Position: University of Iowa Medical School
Sally Street

Visiting Ph.D. Student (University of St Andrews)
Research Interests: Phylogenetic comparative methods, sexual selection in primates

ss2264 [at] | website

Current Position: Ph.D. Student at University of St Andrews
Li Zhu

Ph.D. Student, Statistics
Research Interests: Model selection, experimental design, and computational finance

lizhu [at]