Undergraduate Studies in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Sarah is Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies in EPS and available to answer questions about the concentration. More information about Earth and Planetary Sciences is available at:

Sarah Stewart's Courses

FS 22k Guns, Germs, and Stellar Wobble: The Search for Life in the Universe, annual freshman seminar

Catalog Number: 31891

How and where did life arise on planets? Is there life in interstellar space? Can life migrate from one planet to another? Are we Martians? This seminar will examine the current research and fundamental principles that govern the rise of life on planets, the transfer of life between planets, and the challenges encountered during interstellar travel.

EPS 99r Senior Thesis Tutorial, annual full year course.

Catalog Number: 7120

EPS 99r includes a Senior Thesis Workshop, which will provide tutorials on the essential skills that are needed for a successful senior thesis.

EPS 290 Scientific Communication, annual course, offered Fall 2012.

Catalog Number: 6610

This course teaches students how to communicate scientific concepts effectively. A research project (of any size) is not complete until you have effectively conveyed the results, your interpretation, and the relevance to your target audience. Students will focus on oral and written communication in preparation for their qualifying examination, short technical (e.g., conference) presentations, general audience presentations, and writing journal papers. Topics include: understanding the audience, content structure and organization, use of visualizations, delivery, learning to write well, and differences between oral, written and poster presentations.
Note: Recommended for EPS graduate students in their 1st or 2nd year.

EPS 121 Terrestrial Planets, given alternate years, offered Spring 2014.

Catalog Number: 8577

The physical and chemical processes that influence the initial condition, evolution, and current state of terrestrial planets, focusing on the comparative evolution of Venus, Earth, Mars, and large moons. Topics include: planet formation, evolution of atmospheres, interior composition and equations of state, core formation, differentiation, thermal evolution, and major surface modification processes.
Prerequisite: Physics 11a, b, or permission of instructor.

EPS 250 Topics in Planetary Sciences, offered Spring 2013.

Catalog Number: 1225

Research seminar on current problems in planetary sciences. Topics: impact processes, planetary surface processes, planet formation, and subjects related to current spacecraft missions.
Note: Offered alternate years (expected 2012-13) or upon announcement.

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