These movies require Quicktime plug-in.

Giant Impact Events

  • A calculation of the canonical moon-forming impact event using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics code GADGET2 (Marcus et al. 2009). The first 24 hours after the proto-Earth is hit by a Mars-size object. Colors denote the core and mantle materials.
  • Merging of two ice-rock planets (Marcus et al. 2010).
  • Catastrophic disruption on an ice-rock planet (Marcus et al. 2010).
  • Hit-and-run between two ice-rock planets (Marcus et al. 2010).
  • Formation of the unusual dwarf planet Haumea (Leinhardt et al. 2010).

Impact Cratering

Shock Compression Laboratory

  • Rebound of the 40-mm gun during a shot. (Taken with Rick Kraus' iphone.)