Markos Hankin Left: Markos after his first powder shot

Current Group Members

  • Markos Hankin, Shock Compression Laboratory Manager, Harvard.
  • Lee Wizda, Lab Technician, Harvard.
  • Gal Sarid, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Harvard.
  • Dylan Spaulding, Origins Fellow, Harvard.
  • Simon Lock, Graduate Student, EPS, Harvard
  • Erik Davies, Graduate Student, EPS, UC Davis
Sarah Stewart and Karin Louzada and Laurel Senft Left: Sarah misses her first PhD students: Karin Louzada and Laurel Senft (June 2009)

Former Group Members

  • Dr. Richard Kraus, 2013 Ph.D., EPS. A Lawrence Fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Now staff scientists at LLNL.
  • Matthew Newman, Undergraduate, Engineering (B.A. 2013). Currently a grad student in engineering at Caltech.
  • Will Steinhardt, Graduate Student, EPS.
  • Matija Cuk, Daly-Clay Postdoctoral Fellow in EPS and Astronomy (2008-2012), now a research scientist at SETI.
  • Zoe Leinhardt, Postdoc in EPS (2005-2007), now a STFC Advanced Fellow at U. of Bristol
  • Karin Louzada, Graduate student, EPS (Ph.D. 2009); now the Acting Science Counselor at the Dutch embassy in D.C.
  • Laurel Senft, Graduate student, EPS (Ph.D. 2009), now a faculty member in the Physical Sciences department, Westchester Community College
  • Rachel Zucker, Graduate Student, EPS (2010), now a graduate student at MIT
  • Wade Henning, Graduate Student, EPS (Ph.D. 2011), Now a postdoc at NASA Goddard
  • Robert Marcus, Graduate Student, Astrophysics (Ph.D. 2011), now at Northrop Grumman in Colorado.
  • Gregory Kennedy, Shock Compression Laboratory Manager (2006), now staff at Georgia Tech's Impact Facility
  • Lee Farina, Shock Compression Laboratory Manager (2010), now lives in Wisconsin
  • Benjamin Black, Undergraduate Student, EPS (2005), former Fulbright Fellow, now a graduate student at MIT in EAPS
  • Gregory Valiant, Undergraduate Student, Math (2007), now a postdoc at Microsoft Research, New England
  • Kate Scheider, Research Assistant in EPS
  • Andrea Peterson, Undergraduate, Chemistry and Physics
  • Firth McEachern, Undergraduate, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Astronomy and Astrophysics (2009), now working in the City Environment and Natural Resources Office, San Fernando, Philippines
  • Peter Hedman, Undergraduate, Earth and Planetary Sciences (2010), now a research and teaching assistant at Harvard
  • Sonya Mollinger, Undergraduate, Physics (2011), now a graduate student at Stanford in Applied Physics

Research Opportunites

  • Individuals interested in planetary topics should email Sarah for more information.