People in the Planetary Sciences at Harvard University
Planetary Sciences at Harvard University

People whose current research interests include topics in the planetary sciences.

In the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Jeremy Bloxham: Planetary magnetic fields, dynamo theory, structure and dynamics of the earth's core and lower mantle, inverse theory, mathematical geophysics.
 » Stein B. Jacobsen: Isotope and trace element geochemistry; chemical evolution of earth's crust-mantle system; isotopic and chemical evolution of sea water; accretion and early differentiation of the Earth; cosmochemistry; meteorites.
 » Andrew H. Knoll: Paleontology and sedimentary geology; astobiology. Principal Investigator of the Harvard Astrobiology Center (1998-2002); Mars Exploration Rovers Science Team Member.
 » Jerry X. Mitrovica: Geophysics; solid earth tides, glacial isostatic adjustment, plate tectonics and mantle convection, true polar wander.
 » Sujoy Mukhopadhyay: Noble gas geochemistry; interplanetary dust flux, nature of impactors on Earth, recurrence of comet showers, mass extinction events.
 » Richard O'Connell: Planetary interiors; geodynamics.
 » Daniel P. Schrag: Evolution of climate on terrestrial planets; geochemical oceanography.
 » Sarah T. Stewart: Collisions and impact cratering; physical properties of comets and asteroids; interpretation of shock processing in meteorites; planetary surface processes; Mars.

Research Associates:
 » Juan Perez-Mercader: astrobiology, origin of life.
 » Michail I. Petaev: Experimental and theoretical physical geochemistry; theoretical cosmochemistry; meteorites, primordial solar nebula.

In the Center for Astrophysics:

Professors and Research Scientists:
Charles Alcock: Comets and asteroids; massive compact halo objects.
 » David Charbonneau: Detection and characterization of planets orbiting nearby, Sun-like stars; Design and implementation of automated telescopes for photometric monitoring; Formation and structure of brown dwarfs, and searches for their low-mass companions.
 » Lars Hernquist: cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, giant planetary collisions.
 » Matthew J. Holman: Studies of the long-term dynamics of our solar system and extrasolar planetary systems; observational surveys for Kuiper belt objects, Centaurs, and outer planet satellites. More information.
 » Scott J. Kenyon: Formation and evolution of stars and planets.
 » David W. Latham: Searches for extrasolar planets; the formation and early history of the Milky Way Galaxy; the frequency and orbital characteristics of binaries in various stellar populations.
 » Myron Lecar: Gravitational dynamics; chaos; dynamics of the solar system; planet formation; formation and dynamical evolution of extra-solar planets in the universe.
 » Ruth Murray-Clay: planetary dynamics, formation and evolution of planetary systems.
 » Dimitar Sasselov: Nature and formation of extrasolar planets; extra-solar planetary missions; Origins of Life Initiative.
 » Irwin I. Shapiro: Radio and radar techniques: applications to astrometry, astrophysics, geophysics, planetary physics.
 » David J. Wilner: Star and planet formation; aperture synthesis observations and techniques.

 » John F. Chandler: Experimental tests of general relativity; planetary ephemerides; interplanetary radar ranging; astrometric optical interferometry.
 » Fred A. Franklin: Planetary photometry; stability problems; investigations of concentration and scattering properties of small particles in the solar system; techniques and instrumentation to measure the Earth's albedo.
 » Mark A. Gurwell: Radio astronomy of planets; interferometry; brown dwarf detection.
 » Kenneth W. Jucks: High-resolution mid- and far-infrared spectroscopy of atmospheric trace molecules and weakly bound gas-phase complexes; spectral signatures and biomarkers of solar and extra-solar planets.
 » Vasili Kharchenko: Atmospheric physics; atomic collision theory.
 » Sylvain G. Korzennik: Solar physics; helioseismology; astroseismology; extrasolar planets.
 » Chunhua Qi: Protoplanetary disks and comets; sub-millimeter astronomy.
 » Robert D. Reasenberg: Space- and ground-based astronomical optical interferometry; solar-system dynamics and tests of general relativity; planetary gravity; astrometry; planetary system detection and study.
 » Timothy Spahr: Distribution of asteroids; sky surveys for near-Earth objects; determination of orbits.
 » Wesley A. Traub: Stratospheric composition; high angular resolution imaging of astronomical objects; spectral signatures and biomarkers of solar and extra-solar planets.

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Andrew Youdin: Planet formation.
 » Matija Cuk: Planetary dynamics.
 » Darin Ragozzine: Planetary dynamics, Kuiper Belt.
 » Arielle Moullet: Atmosphere of Io and Venus, thermal modeling of small bodies, mm interferometry.
 » Gaspar Bakos: Instrumentation, search and characterization of extra-solar planets.

Graduate Students:
 » Wade Henning: extra-solar planets (EPS)
Sarah Ballard: extra-solar planets (Astronomy)
 » Rebekah Dawson: solar system dynamics (Astronomy)
 » Robert Marcus: Giant impacts; dynamics (Astronomy)
 » Richard Kraus: Shock physics; planetary collisions (EPS)
 » Glenn Sterenborg: planetary geophysics (EPS)

Previously at Harvard (not a complete list):

Professors and researchers -- moved, retired or emeritus:
Robert W. Noyes: Solar and stellar seismology; solar structure and dynamics; detection and characterization of planets around other stars; origin and evolution of planetary systems.
 » Ursula Marvin: Mineralogical studies of meteorites and lunar rocks; history of geology and meteoritics.
 » John A. Wood: Petrological and geochemical studies of meteorite and lunar material; origin of the solar system; studies of the planet Venus.
 » Brian G. Marsden: Celestial mechanics; determination of orbits; numerical analysis; astrometry; astronomical constants; comets; minor planets.
» Fred Whipple: Comets and asteroids.
» Jane Luu: Kuiper Belt, small bodies.
» Willy Benz: astrophysics and planetary science.

Visiting Scholars:
 » Debra Fisher, in residence fall 2009-2010: extra-solar planets.
 » Gerald J. Wasserburg, in residence fall 2001 & fall 2002: cosmochemistry, geochemistry, philosophy.
 » Maria Zuber, in residence 2002-2003: Theoretical modeling of geophysical processes; models of lithosphere deformation and the physics of volcanism; relationships between gravity, topography, and tectonic features in determining the mechanical structures and states of stress in planetary lithospheres; development and implementation of space-based laser ranging systems.
 » Bradford Hager, in residence fall 2003: Numerical modelling of solid-state convection at high Rayleigh numbers; study of the Earth's gravity field; core-mantle coupling; space-geodetic observations of surface deformation; dynamical processes in the interiors of the terrestrial planets.

Graduate Students:
 » Itay Halevy, Ph.D. EPS 2010: global biogeochemistry, evolution of climate. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Caltech. Soon to be faculty at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
 » Heather Knutson, Ph.D. Astronomy 2009: Extra-solar planets. Currently a Miller Fellow; soon to be faculty at Caltech.
 » Eliza Kempton (Eliza Miller-Ricci), Ph.D. Astronomy 2009: Extra-solar planets. Currently a Sagan Fellow.
 » Karin Louzada, Ph.D. EPS 2009: Martian magnetism, pressure effects on magnetic minerals. Currently the science attache at the Dutch embassy in DC.
 » Laurel Senft, Ph.D. EPS 2009: Mars; impact craters. Currently faculty at Westchester Community College.
 » Veronika Soukhovitskaya, Ph.D. EPS 2009: Planetary geophysics, magnetic fields. Currently at postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.
 » Diana Valencia, Ph.D. EPS 2008: Interior structure and evolution of extra-solar and terrestrial planets (EPS). Currently a Sagan Fellow at MIT.
 » Michael Ranen, Ph.D. EPS 2008: Isotopic evolution and the cumulate structure of the lunar mantle.
 » Hannah Jang-Condell, Ph.D. Astronomy 2004: Simulations of protoplanetary disks. Currently at Michelson Fellow.
 » Sabine Stanley, Ph.D. EPS (Geophysics) 2004: planetary dynamos, Uranus' and Neptune's magnetic fields, relationship between convective region geometry and magnetic field morphology. Currently faculty at U. Toronto.
 » Mathieu Dumberry, Ph.D. EPS (Geophysics) 2004: Planetary dynamos, dynamics of rotating bodies, Earth's magnetic field and gravity field variations, magnetohydrodynamics, core-mantle interactions. Currently faculty at U. Alberta.
 » David Charbonneau, Ph.D. Astronomy 2002: Detection and characterization of planets orbiting nearby; sun-like stars. Currently faculty at Harvard.
 » Ray Jayawardhana, Ph.D. Astronomy 2000: Origin and diversity of planetary systems; formation of stars and brown dwarfs. Currently faculty at U. Toronto.
 » Sara Seager, Ph.D. Astronomy 1999: Extrasolar planets; recombination in the early universe. Currently faculty at MIT.
 » Michael Manga, Ph.D. EPS 1994: planetary science, fluid mechanics, hydrology, geodynamics, physical volcanology. Currently faculty at U.C. Berkeley.
 » David Kring, Ph.D. EPS 1989: Cosmochemistry and planetary geology. Currently staff at Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Postdocs and Researchers:
 » Lisa Kaltenegger: planetary atmospheres; extra-solar planets. Currently group leader at MPIA.
 » Taylor Perron: surface processes. Currently faculty at MIT.
 » Subhanjoy (Subu) Mohanty: Extrasolar planet formation and atmospheres; brown dwarfs; x-winds. Currently faculty at Imperial.
 » Josh Winn: Extra-solar planets. Currently faculty at MIT.
 » Scott Gaudi: Extra-solar planets. Currently faculty at Ohio State.
 » Zoe Leinhardt: Planet formation, asteroid and comet collisions, n-body simulations. Currently STFC advanced fellow at U. Bristol.
» Qingzhu Yin: Accretion and early differentiation of the Earth; cosmochemistry; meteorites. Currently faculty at U.C. Davis.
 » Marc Kuchner: Extrasolar planetary systems, small body dynamics, exozodiacal dust, interferometry. Currently a researcher at NASA Goddard.
» Edwin A. Bergin: Chemistry of the interstellar medium and star formation; structure and evolution of molecular clouds; molecular astrophysics; cometary chemistry. Currently faculty at Michigan.

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