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For information on becoming a special student, visiting fellow, or visting scholar, please contact the Special Student/Visiting Fellow Office; contact information is located at the bottom of the page.

Exchange Students

Grant Rozeboom rozeboom@stanford.edu
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Special Students

Johanna Privitera jprivitera@fas.harvard.edu
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Fellows in Philosophy

Jonathan Beale beale@fas.harvard.edu
Jonathan BealeResearch interests: Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Wittgenstein

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Reading and a Fellow in Philosophy at Harvard. My doctoral thesis offers an account of the role of scientism & anti-scientism in Wittgenstein's philosophy, and puts forward a critique of scientism through developing arguments by the later Wittgenstein and Hilary Putnam. 

When I'm not doing philosophy, I play guitar in Harvard's Dudley House Jazz Band (www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ58H_6Wjgs). 
Jonas Held jonas.held@unibas.ch
Lena Ljucovic     lena.ljucovic@uni-postdam.de
Amador Muriel amadormuriel@gmail.com
Amador MurielAmador Muriel, has returned to academia after twenty-five years of European information technology consultancies, all the while pursuing a personal program of research on turbulence, hosted intermittently at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems in Dresden, and CERN.

His company, based in Geneva, has funded his research on turbulence, culminating in a book, (Muriel, Quantum Nature of Turbulence, Nova Scientific Publishers, New York, 2010), to be followed in 2013 by a more definitive Quantum Theory of Turbulence. The books reprint refereed papers from European journals -- Physica A, Physica D, Physics Letters A -- and American journals -- Physical Review and Physical Review Letters.

At the time, Muriel felt that no funding agency would support his ideas on turbulence. But encouraged by his results, Muriel decided to retire from industry and pursue an academic career, starting with visiting appointments at Columbia University and Harvard University. At Harvard, he found an exact solution to the 3D Navier-Stokes equation, invited, refereed and published as the inaugural paper of Results in Physics, 2 (2011). It is yet to be vetted by the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society for candidacy for the Millenium Prize of the Clay Institute of Mathematics. But from the physics perspective, the paper is already quite useful in continuing his research program. He will use his last two signicant papers (A.Muriel, An Exact Solution to the 3D Navier Stokes Equation, Results in Physics, 2 [2011] and “A New Insight on Irreversibility,” to appear in Physics Letters A) to work on “Time Evolution of Many-Body Gravitational System,” with emphasis on the presence of dark matter.

Over the last three years at the Philosophy Department, Muriel has published three major papers:

(1) "An Exact Solution to the 3D Navier-Stokes Equation," Results in Physics, 2 (2011)
(2) "Reversibility and Irreversibility," Physics Letters A (2013)
(3) "Spectroscopy of Turbulent Carbon Dioxide Gas," International Journal of Spectroscopy, 2013
(4) "Three two-century-old problems and a senior citizen," STAR SCIENCE, The Philippine Star

(1) and (2) resolve 200-year old problems in physics.
(3) is a major contribution to the study of turbulence, a complete paradigm shift.

You will need a Harvard PIN and ID to access the first two articles, or please contact Professor Muriel for copies.

You may view his complete CV here.
Michael Murez  michael.murez@gmail.com
Marie-Christine Nizzi mnizzi@fas.harvard.edu
Marie-Christine NizziI am a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a trained Neuropsychologist interested in building an empirical approach to the phenomenology of personal identity. My research projects focus on the sense of self in patients with cognitive or bodily massive disabilities (demented patients, locked-in patients respectively). As an interdisciplinary project, this work has both a philosophical and an ethical goal: A.) to better understand the nature of the processes involved in forming and maintaining the sense of self; and B.) to improve the quality of life in patients with a feeling of alienation due to their pathology.
Amber North  ambercnorth@gmail.com
Shaohua Xue     xueshaohua1985@gmail.com
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Visiting Fellows

Valérie Aucouturier valerie.aucouturier@vub.ac.be
Research interests: Philosophy of action, Philosophy of mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of psychology

Valérie Aucouturier is a post-doctoral fellow at the Research Foundation-Flanders (F.W.O.) and a member of the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) at the Free University in Brussels. Her research lies at the intersection between contemporary philosophy of action (Wittgenstein, Austin, Anscombe, Davidson) and philosophy of mind and psychology.
Scott Howard showard@fas.harvard.edu
Scott Howard Research interests: Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Literature, Moral Psychology

Scott Howard received his Ph.D from the University of Toronto in 2011. His current research is on the normative assessment of emotions – particularly emotion types, such as poignancy, that are most often expressed in lyrical poetry and prose. He is currently working on a book about this and related issues concerning autobiographical memory, the imagination, and the self.

  • “Nostalgia.” Analysis 72.4 (2012): 641-650.
  • “Lyrical Emotions and Sentimentality.” Philosophical Quarterly 62 (2012): 546-568.
Heikki A. Kovalainen hkovalainen@fas.harvard.edu
Heikki Kovalainen Research interests: Intersections of Ethics and Metaphysics, Classical American Philosophy, and Aesthetics

I am a post-doc Visiting Fellow & a Fulbright Scholar from the University of Tampere, Finland. My work centers on the intersections of American and Continental thought, including classical authors (especially R.W. Emerson and Nietzsche) as well as contemporary thinkers (e.g. Cavell and Rorty). Thematically, I'm interested in the relationship between the self and the world and how our encounters with reality may turn out to have ethical underpinnings. Currently, I'm working on splitting a large manuscript on the philosophy of Emerson into two books, both of which are planned for publication in the U.S.

Interests beyond philosophy under occasional cultivation in Cambridge: playing badminton, playing the drums, going to see old films & listening to classical music.
Philipp von dem Knesebeck         
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Visiting Scholars

William Bloch bbloch@wheatoncollege.edu
Hilla Jacobson hillaj@exchange.bgu.ac.il
Ursula Renz ursula.renz@aau.at
Ursula Renz Research interests: Early Modern Philosophy, German Neo-Kantianism, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Ursula Renz is professor of philosophy at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. Her primary areas of research lie in early modern philosophy and German Neo-Kantianism with an emphasis on issues in the intersection of philosophy of mind and epistemology. She actually works on early modern accounts to self-knowledge, but she has a broad range of interests in both the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy of mind and epistemology.

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