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Undergraduate Program:
Track in Mind/Brain/Behavior (MBB)

The Philosophy Department supports a track within the program in Mind, Brain, and Behavior for those wishing to pursue the study of philosophy while paying special attention to the empirical study of the mind.

Detailed information about this track can be found at:

*Official FAS Fields of Concentration Guide

*MBB Undergraduate Programs

*MBB Philosophy Track

Students who would like to apply to the Philosophy Track should speak with the Head Tutor (currently Professor Warren Goldfarb) and the MBB Advisor (currently Professor Alison Simmons).

Application requires, as for all concentrations, submission of a Plan of Study. Students should also submit a brief statement detailing their interest in the Philosophy Track.

Please note well
: the MBB Philosophy Track is more "cumulative" than the straight philosophy concentration. This means that the more advanced courses required of an MBB will typically presuppose material from more basic courses. Thus, students considering the Track should begin taking courses in it as soon as possible, starting their freshman year.

Complete requirements are listed in the FAS Student Handbook.

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