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Undergraduate Program:
General Information

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For undergraduates, the Department offers:
  • Honors and non-honors concentrations in philosophy
  • Primary and secondary joint concentrations in conjunction with other departments
  • A secondary track in philosophy
  • A Philosophy Track in the Mind/Brain/Behavior program.
Students who are thinking about concentrating in philosophy may also wish to consult the Why Philosophy? page.

They are also welcome to contact the Head Tutor, Undergraduate Coordinator, Assistant Head Tutor, or the MBB Advisor to learn more about the concentration.
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General Requirements: The General Requirements for the A.B. concentration in philosophy from the FAS Registrar's Office can be found by clicking on the link.

Joint Concentrations: Students can find information on Joint Concentrations at the bottom of the General Requirements page.

Secondary Track: The Secondary Track in Philosophy allows students to study philosophy outside of their concentration, without having to combine these in a joint thesis project.

MBB Track: For those interested in the Mind, Brain, & Behavior (MBB) Philosophy Track, information can be found by clicking on the link and scrolling down to the relevant section.

Concentrations in General: For more information about concentrations in general, please see the Faculty of Arts & Sciences Student Handbook.
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Other Information

Undergraduate concentrators in philosophy have a number of activities in which they can participate during their time at Harvard. They may also be interested in attending the Work in Progress Lunch Series, to learn about the current research of our faculty and graduate students.

Each concentrator is assigned a faculty advisor. Concentrators also take tutorials as part of their course of study, and honors concentrators will write theses. Moreover, there are four Philosophy Prizes for which concentrators may compete.

Finally, all concentrators, as well as any undergraduate taking a philosophy course, are welcome to contact the Department Writing Fellow for help in honing their philosophical writing.
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Head Tutor
Warren Goldfarb 617-495-9512
Department Coordinator  
Emily Ware 617-495-2153
Assistant Head Tutor  
James Bondarchuk jfbondar@fas.harvard.edu
Philosophy Track in MBB Advisor  
Alison Simmons 617-495-0516
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