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Undergraduate Program:

Each undergraduate concentrator is assigned a member of the faculty as individual concentration advisor. The advisor is someone to whom students can speak about their intended course of study within the concentration; about any problems that might arise during their studies; about whether to write a thesis, and how to prepare to do so; and about plans and preparations for post-graduation life.

In addition to their faculty advisor, undergraduate concentrators may contact the Head Tutor, MBB Advisor, or Philosophy Coordinator with questions and concerns. Please contact the Tutorial Office for current office hours.

Tutorial Office

Location: Emerson 303
Phone: (617) 495-2153
E-mail: eware@fas.harvard.edu

Advising Office Hours:

Professor Warren Goldfarb, Head Tutor James Bondarchuk, Assistant Head Tutor
Emerson 301 Emerson 004
goldfarb@fas.harvard.edu jfbondar@fas.harvard.edu
Thursday, 1/23 2-3:30 (WG) Friday, 1/24 2:30-4 (WG)
Monday, 1/27 2-3:30 (WG) Tuesday, 1/28 3-4 (JB)
Wednesday, 1/29 2:30-4 (WG) Thursday, 1/30 3-4 (JB)
Friday, 1/31 1-2 (JB) Friday, 1/31 2:30-4 (WG)

Head Tutor

Professor Warren Goldfarb (Emerson 204) is responsible for all "official" matters connected with the concentration.

MBB Advisor

MBB Advisor Alison Simmons is responsible for matters concerning the Mind/Brain/Behavior Philosophy Track.

Department Coordinator

Emily Ware, the Department Coordinator works in the Tutorial Office (Emerson 303) and is one of the the best sources for information about the concentration. She will also sign students' study cards.

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