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Boston-Area Colloquia & Lecture Series

Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
Boston University
Harvard-MIT Graduate Philosophy Conference
Logic at Harvard
Mass Bay Philosophy Alliance
Safra Foundation
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Other Boston-Area Philosophy Departments

Boston College
Boston University
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Associations & Organizations

American Philosophical Association
Association of Symbolic Logic
Harvard Philosophical Psychology Lab
International Federation of Philosophical Societies
Mind/Brain/Behavior Interfaculty Initiative (MBB)
Society for the Advancment of American Philosophy
Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
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Online Resources

David Chalmers' People with Online Papers in Philosophy
David Chalmers' PhilPapers.org
Episteme Links
David Marans' Logic Gallery -- an excellent free e-book on the history of logic, from Aristotle to the present day.
Jim Pryor's Introduction to Philosophical Terms and Methods
Jim Pryor's Guidelines on Reading Philosophy
Perseus Digital Library
Philosophers' Imprint
Philosophical Gourmet Report
Pragmatism Cybrary
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Writing Resources

CollegeGrants.org's "A College Student’s Guide to Citation Style"
Concordia University Libraries' Style and Citation Guides
Harvard Center for Expository Writing's Guide to Philosophical Writing
Harvard College Writing Center's A Brief Guide to Writing the Philosophy Paper
Marcaria.com's "Internet Resources on Citing: The Trademark of a Good Writer"
Jim Pryor's Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper
Veritas Prep's "A Guide to Writing for College"
Writing and Speaking Resources at Harvard
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