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Faculty of the Department

Associate Professor Douglas Lavin Associate Professor
Douglas Lavin
John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Humanities
Emerson 304
Douglas Lavin received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. His main interests are in ethics, history of ethics (especially Aristotle, Kant and Rousseau) and philosophy of action.  Publications include:  "Practical Reason and the Possibiltiy of Error," Ethics (2004), "Goodness and Desire" (with Matt Boyle) in Desire, Practical Reason and the Good, ed. Sergio Tenenbaum (OUP 2010), "Problems of Intellectualism: Raz on Reason and Its Objects," Jurisprudence (2011), and "Must There Be Basic Action?," Noûs (2012).  Topics of his current work include: metaphysical presuppositions of internal or constitutive standards, the self-conscious character of normative judgment, the idea of a form of agency, some questions about the efficacy of other minds. 

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