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Faculty of the Department

Assistant Professor Rusty Jones Assistant Professor
Rusty Jones
Emerson 212
Rusty Jones joined the Department in 2010, after completing his graduate work at the University of Oklahoma the same year. He splits his time between Plato and Aristotle, but gives more to Plato. For his most recent work on Aristotle, see “Truth and Contradiction in Aristotle’s De Interpretatione 6-9” (Phronesis 55 [2010], 26-67). And for his most recent work on Plato, see “Wisdom and Happiness in Euthydemus 278-282” (Philosophers’ Imprint 13.14 [2013], 1-21); and “Rational and Nonrational Desires in Meno and Protagoras” (Analytic Philosophy 53 [2012], 224-233). These and other papers can be found at one or the other of the following webpages:

DASH: Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard.

Rusty Jones' profile at Academia.edu.

Professor Jones is on leave 2013-14.

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