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Department Lecture Series

Below is a list of some of the promient lectures that the department supports throughout the academic year. For a list of other department-sponsored colloquia, please click here.

Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics Lecture Series

The Safra Foundation Center is an interdisciplinary program based in the Kennedy School of Government, and regularly sponsors talks by moral and political philosophers.

Harvard History of Philosophy Workshops

Harvard History of Philosophy Workshops are held several times during the course of the academic year to discuss work in progress by distinguished scholars working on the history of philosophy.

Harvard-MIT Graduate Philosophy Conference

Each year, a coalition of graduate students at Harvard and MIT organize and present this graduate student conference, typically held in early spring.

William James Lectures

The William James Lectures were established in 1930 through a bequest of Harvard alumnus Edgar Pierce (Ph.D., 1895) to honor William James.  These public lectures may cover any topic within the areas of philosophy and/or psychology.

The most recent William James Lecturer was Ned Block (2012).

Lectures are usually held in February and March.

For a list of previous lecturers, please click here. For more information about the founding of the William James Lectures, please see: Notes and News. (1930). The Journal of Philosophy, 27(5), 139-140.

Logic Colloquium

The Logic Colloquium meets (roughly) once every three weeks and involves a major figure in logic. Speakers are asked to provide a topic and some suitable references to the necessary background material required to obtain a better understanding of their talk. During the two weeks prior to the talk the Logic Workshop meets and consists of presentations (by local students and faculty) on this background material.

Mind/Brain/Behavior (MBB) Interfaculty Initiative

MBB offers lectures, workshops, and other resources for faculty and students interested in the structure, function, evolution, development, and pathology of the nervous system in relation to human behavior and mental life.

New England Conference in Early Modern Philosophy

Typically held in the late spring, this conference is an informal group formed to foster interaction among scholars of seventeenth and eighteenth century philosophy, roughly the period covering Descartes to Kant.

Practice Job Talks

These are presentations by advanced graduate students in the Department.

Tanner Lectures on Human Values

The Tanner Lectures are given once each year at Harvard. Tanner Lectures may be given by moral or political philosophers, lawyers and law professors, political figures, authors, or anyone who may have something important to contribute to educated reflection on human values. Lecturers are chosen by a University committee.

A schedule, as well as electronic versions of previous lectures, can be obtained from the link above.

Alfred North Whitehead Lectures

These are two lectures by a distinguished philosopher, ordinarily in the spring semester, funded by a bequest from Harvard alumnus Edwin D. T. Bechtel (A.B. 1903, A.M. 1904, J.D. 1908).

The 2014 Whitehead Lecturer will be Michael Della Rocca

The 2015 Whitehead Lecturer will be J. David Velleman

Recent Whitehead Lecturers include: Tyler Burge, Cora Diamond, Michael Friedman, Saul Kripke, David Lewis, Mary Mothersill, Thomas Nagel, Crispin Wright, Robert Stalnaker, Dorothy Edgington, Sarah Broadie, Susan Wolf, John Campbell, Kit Fine, John Broome, Anil Gupta, and Verity Harte.

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