SuperCooperators by Martin Nowak and Roger Highfield
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Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation, Eds. Martin Nowak and Sarah Coakley
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Evolutionary Dynamics by Martin Nowak
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Virus Dynamics by Martin Nowak and Robert May
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Foundational Questions in Evolutionary Biology

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PED congratulates Erez Aiden and Jean-Babtiste Michel on the publication of their book, Uncharted. New York Times article.

Martin Nowak 2013 "Visionary" lecture in Seoul.

New York Times article about our cancer research with Johns Hopkins University
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Naked Scientists podcast

Evolution feature in Scientific American: Why We Help

Plus magazine article on Martin Nowak

is currently accepting applications for student researchers

Scientific American article on Martin Nowak

New York Times article on Martin Nowak

National Review article about PED

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"Evolutionary dynamics" is the study of the fundamental mathematical principles that guide evolution. The Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (PED) at Harvard University was established in 2003 and is dedicated to research and teaching.

Martin Nowak, Professor of Mathematics and of Biology at Harvard University, is the director of this program. May Huang is the Chief Administrative Officer.

Our current research topics include: evolution of cooperation, cancer, viruses, evolutionary game/graph/set theory, prelife, protocells, eusociality, evolution of construction, population structure, evolution of language, experimental games, and evolutionary economics.

Our ambitious goals include curing the world of cancer, infectious disease, selfishness and inclusive fitness theory.

A brief statement about inclusive fitness and eusociality

"Kin and Kind"

Cooperating with the future. Oliver Hauser, David Rand, Alexander Peysakhovich and Martin Nowak show how shared decisions benefit next generations in the July 10th issue of Nature (Harvard Gazette story)

How to prevent summer blackouts. Erez Yoeli, Moshe Hoffman, David Rand, and Martin Nowak's study in PNAS showing how a tiny device and a little concern for what our neighbors think of us can help prevent summer blackouts, and solve public goods problems more generally, is featured in the July 4th Opinion Pages of The New York Times.

Rethinking the roots of altruism: Benjamin Allen (right), Martin Nowak (left) and E.O. Wilson (not pictured) make another call for reason in the theory of social evolution.
Martin Nowak and Benjamin Allen Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

Ivana Bozic, Martin Nowak and colleagues study the evolutionary dynamics of cancer in response to targeted combination therapy. Martin Nowak and Ivana Bozic Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer