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The students in the Music Department have access to the vast resources of the Harvard library system as well as to the Department's ethnomusicology lab, instrument collection, and an annual calendar of lectures, colloquia, and scholarly conferences. The Norton Lectures, for example, bring artists and thinkers from the world to music to campus for a series of lectures. Herbie Hancock, Daniel Barenboim, and Luciano Berio are recent Norton appointees. Department-produced conferences bring scholars from around the world to Harvard to speak on topics ranging from the topography of medieval music to the Schoenberg Quartets and Trio.

Graduate research is supported by grants and fellowships and students frequently present at national/international conferences and publish their scholarly work. Undergraduates are able to propose a senior honors thesis, and often have opportunities to conduct original research as part of their coursework. Specialized, high-quality resouces are available for study such as the Isham Memorial Library (dedicated to primary sources), the autographed manuscripts housed at Houghton Library, and a full range of electronic and digital support such as state-of-the-art composing software and a recording facility.

"I chose to come to Harvard because I knew I would be supported for my work there, both by the faculty and by the tremendous resources available."
--Glenda Goodman
Musicology graduate student


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