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“During the summers I’ve gone to music festivals where there are students—undergrads, grads—from the best conservatories like Curtis, Juilliard, NEC. The really serious musicians at Harvard are just as good as those people.”
— Stefan Jackiw (concert violinist, '07)

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-The Harvard/NEC Dual Degree Program


Harvard Jazz Band plays Herbie Hancock CLICK FOR VIDEO

Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra in concert CLICK FOR VIDEO

Sir John Eliot Gardiner rehearses the Holden Choruses [2015]
in the concluding "Alleluia" from the Bach motet "singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied.
Prof. Vijay Iyer talks about jazz, performance & his Trio


… if you say you went to Harvard, in the musical world, the automatic reaction is “How good can you really be? Is this a side thing for you while you prepare to work on Wall Street? Is this a hobby?” There’s a lot of automatic suspicion. But in a much deeper and truer sense the responsibility that you have to take as an artist at Harvard is the kind of responsibility that you have to take as an artist in the world because you are in a community of really talented, really intelligent people who are simultaneously all figuring out what the heck they want to do together, and that is tremendously exciting. And it’s a bit of a safe haven, of course, but it’s a far truer model, I think, of what being an artist in the world is like than a conservatory is. I know this having spent some time in conservatories.

--Matt Aucoin ' 12 [excerpted from Gazette 7/29/13, "A Year Set to Music"]


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