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Some Guidelines for the Loeb Drama Center and Scene Shop

The following guidelines hope to answer some common questions about what you can and cannot do and should and should not do in student productions at the Loeb Drama Center. This is by no means a complete list. These are only the things I could think of while writing this, if you have any questions about these guidelines or any other issues, then please ask me.
Michael Griggs

For some general data on the Loeb Drama Center.
Guidelines for using the Loeb Costume shop and Prop stock

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Loeb Scene Shop
Ex Theatre Loeb Scene Shop Rehearsal Rooms

General information for working in the Loeb Drama Center:
  • Never prop open a door that is normally locked.
  • Do not leave personal property or valuable Loeb equipment unattended or unsecured.
  • The building is shared by many groups, please respect their space and work and they should do the same for you.
  • Report any suspicious people to the donut.
  • The building closes at midnight, please stop work early enough to be out at midnight. (The only exceptions to this are strikes and authorized late night work on the mainstage, never on an Ex show)
  • Be aware of performances in the theatres and try not to make loud noises in the hallways next to the theatres.
  • Put away what you take out, lock up what you unlock.
  • Review emergency procedures in the Ex Handbook
  • Loeb Phone # 495-2668
  • Harvard Police # 495-1212
Loeb Glossary
Donut reception desk
donuteer receptionist
the Josie the 2nd floor costume craft room
Cliff Clifford Lumber
the institute Institute for Advanced Theatre Training
west lobby large main lobby opposite of the donut
east lobby the small area at the bottom of the stairs past the donut
green room the off-white room next to the shop with bathrooms and sofas
lower airlock space between the ex and shop with the big double doors
upper airlock small room with the entrance to the ex balcony, some platform storage and the ex dimmer rack.

Working in the Loeb Scene Shop:

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Loeb Shop wood rack

Lumber Racks in the Loeb Shop

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Work Surfaces


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Loeb Scene Shop
Ex Theatre Loeb Scene Shop Rehearsal Rooms

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