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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics:

Templates and Instructions


Working Papers Template and Instructions

The following files are available:

  • Working Papers template for Word, and instructions
  • Working Papers template for LaTeX. (No instructions but fairly self-explanatory. There's a .sty file, a .bst file and a .tex sample file with the relevant preamble for you to add things like the title of your file; I'm too lazy to make this into a proper package at the moment. I would greatly prefer you to use a set of macros such as gb4e.sty for examples, rather than tabular formatting, which is dependent on line width. If you do use a tabular-based format for interlinearisation, make sure your text width is no greater than 4.4".) Note, if this means nothing to you, you don't need these files.

PhD Dissertation Templates

The following files are available:

Senior Thesis Template

The following files are available:




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