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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 12 is out!

Contributions for Volume 13 are now being accepted.

Hard copy and electronic versions of manuscripts should be sent to:

Keith Plaster
Department of Linguistics
Harvard University
Boylston Hall, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138


Manuscripts must conform to the HWPiL style sheet which can be downloaded below, or requested at the above address.

Style Sheet: PDF (note that this has been considerably revised since the last version).

Document templates for Word can be found by clicking here. Note that these have recently (Jan 2004) changed!


Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics (HWPiL) is an annual series representing work of faculty, graduate students and people affiliated with the Department of Linguistics at Harvard. Research in the department is diverse and this is reflected in the types of papers published. There are papers in historical linguistics and Indo-European (in fact Volume 4 is solely devoted to this subject), we have publications discussing recent developments in syntactic theory like minimalism (for example papers by Sam Epstein, Erich Groat and John O'Neil. We also have papers on Functionalist approaches syntax by Susumu Kuno and Sook Lee, for example. The Department also pursues studies in Phonological theory which is reflected in papers by Bert Vaux and Makiko Asano. Finally, we have papers on creole studies (Marlyse Baptista) and psycholinguistics (Bill Philip).

If you wish to see the contents of all the HWPiL volumes click on the volume number in the menu above, or, if you prefer go to a listing by subject or author. If you cannot find something click on the 'home' button which will take you to our main page and then click on the 'search' button.

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