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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 8


Papers on Historical Linguistics

Jay Jasanoff
Plus ça change. . . : Lachmann's Law in Latin
Acute vs. circumflex: Some Notes on PIE and Post-PIE Prosodic Phonology
Hittite naishut, neshut

Rebecca Hasselbach
The Pronominal Suffix of the Third Person Masculine Singular in Hebrew

Benjamin W. Fortson IV
Desiderative and Non-desiderative Denominatives in
Vedic Sanskrit and Related Forms

Papers on Syntax and Phonology

Tomoyuki Tanaka
C as a locus of Case/Agreement

Gabriel Poliquin
Haitian -la and the Specificity Feature
Vowel Harmony in Canadian French

Balkiz Öztürk
Pseudo incorporation in Turkish

Cedric Boeckx
Case Matters and Minimalist Concerns

Gülsat Aygen
Are There "Non-Restrictive" Pre-Relatives in Turkish?




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