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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 6


Table of Contents

On the Copulative Structure in Japanese
M. Asano

Raising Russian Relatives: Anti-Symmetry Theory in Russian
S. Brown

The Sentential Complementation of Salentino and Distributed Morphology
A. Calabrese

On the Contraction of "est" in Plautine Latin
B. Fortson

Nominative Case Markers of the Kumamoto Dialect of Japanese
M. Fukada

Case Marking in Japanese: -ni
T. Iwahata

Compositional Interpretation of Korean Quantifiers
Y. Jang & I-K. Kim

NPI's and the Left-Periphery
J-M. Gonzalez

Existential Quantifiers and Referentiality
K. Nakatani

The C0eze Dialect of Abkhaz
B.Vaux & Z.Pesiypa



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