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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 5


Table of Contents

On the Nature of Pro-drop in Capeverdean Creole
M. Baptista

An Argument for LF Feature-Movement
Y. Jang

On the Scope Marking Strategies in Wh-in-situ Languages
Y. Jung

Optionality in Scrambling
S-Y. Kim

Phrasal NEG Deletion
J-M. Gonzalez

Referential Hierarchies and C-Command in Picurís
L. Nichols

The Nature of Syntactic Structure
J. O'Neil

The Implications of Morphological Variations in Welsh Lenition
E. Pyatt

Underspecification and Natural Classes
C. Reiss

High Vocoids in Turkana
S. Zetterstand

Negative Polarity Items in Japanese and English
S. Kuno



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