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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 4


Table of Contents

Differences in Adverbial Behavior between English and French: A Minimalist Approach
K. Abe

On the Nature of "pa" in Capeverdean Creole and its Possible Source
M. Baptista

Deriving the Invisibility of PP Nodes for Command from AGR0+P0 Case Checking
K.S. Ferguson

Prolegomena to a Synchronic Analysis of the Hittite Quotative Particle
B. Fortson

Against Functional Category Deletion: A Bare Theory Argument
E. Groat

A Functional Constraint on Quantifier Float in Japanese
T. Iwahata

Internally-Headed Relative Clauses in Korean
Y. Jung

Middle Verbs in Icelandic
M. Kissock

NEG Incorporation and NPI's in Spanish
J-M. Gonzalez

Vowel Copy and Stress in Northern Tiwa
L. Nichols

On Negative Polarity Items in Japanese and English: An Analysis in Terms of Movement for Feature Checking
N. Nishioka

Three Final Vowels, and Their Relevance in Dating Early English Laws
L. Olivier

More on Accent in Vedic Sanskrit Vocatives
S. Peter

Deriving the X'-Structure of Syntactic Adjunction
G. Poole

Structural Predication in Welsh: The Distribution of Overt PR0yn
E. Pyatt

Deriving a Phonological Universal from Optimality Theory
C. Reiss



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