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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 3


Table of Contents

A Comparative Analysis of the Particle "ki" in Capeverdian and Haitian
M. Baptista

S. D. Epstein

Notes on the Shortest Move Metric and Object Checking
K. S. Ferguson

There Expletives: A Minimalist Approach
E. Groat

The Agr Feature Parameter Its Role in the Acquisition of Korean Negation
S-Y. Kim

Deducing 'Superiority' Effects from the Shortest Chain Requirement
H. Kitahara

Contraction: PF Evidence for the Theory of Feature- Checking
H. Kitahara

A Unified Analysis of Superiority, Crossover and Scope
J. O'Neil

Agreement in Turkish Relative Clauses
G. Poole

Coordination, ATB-Extractions and the Identification of pro
E. Rögnvaldsson

On the Structure of Infinitival Complements
H. Thráinsson

A Note about Object Resumptives in Hebrew
N. Bolotin



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