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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 2


Table of Contents

The Notion of Phonological Complexity in Phonological Theory
A. Calabrese

Syllabic Resonants and Laryngeals in Greek
B. Fortson

Recovering Zuni Auxiliaries and Their Role in Event Classification
L. Nichols

Linguistics Methodology in Comparative Law
L. Oliver

The Beginning Always Causes the Most Stress:Toward a Syntax of the Vocative in Vedic
S. Peter

It's Not That Grimm: An Autosegmental Analysis of Affrication in the High German Sound Shift
S. Peter

The Iroquoian Word for 'Water', 'Wet' and /m/ in Cherokee
S. Peter

The Role of Phonetic Aspiration in the Proto-Brythonic Spirantization Sandhi
E. Pyatt

Gemination and the Sinhala Prenasalized Stop
E. Pyatt

Syllable Structure and Assimilation in Old Icelandic
C. Reiss

Syllabification and Epenthesis in Armenian
B. Vaux

The Origins of Altaic Labial Attraction
B. Vaux





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