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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 12


Table of Contents

Hannes A. Fellner
The IE ‘a-Preterit’ – The Tocharian Evidence

Sverre Johnsen
The Development of the Voiced Labiovelars in Germanic

Patrick Liu
Rule Application and Neighbor Effects in English Nonce Word Stress

Andrew Nevins & Ansgar Endress
The Edge of Order: Analytic Biases in Ludlings

Sasha Nikolaev
The Germanic Word for ‘Sword’ and Delocatival Derivation in Proto-Indo-European

Dennis Ott
Reverse-Engineering the Language Faculty: Origins and Implications of the Minimalist Program

Santeri Palviainen
The Gender of the Old Saxon Suffix -skepi

Keith E. Plaster
The Tocharian A Accent

Keith E. Plaster & Maria Polinsky
Women are not Dangerous Things:  Gender and Categorization

Jeremy Rau
A Note on Myc. te-re-ja and the Athematic Inflection of the Verba Contracta
Vedic Sanskrit aśītí- ‘80’
The Derivational History of the Greek Stems in -ád-







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