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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 11


Table of Contents

Ruixi Ressy Ai
Gapping in Chinese:  A Functional Approach

Jeffrey Bourns
English fogg ‘aftergrass’

Yaroslav Gorbachov
Toward the Interpretation of the Old Phrygian Inscription from Vezirhan

Heidi Harley
One-replacement, unaccusativity, acategorical roots and Bare Phrase Structure

Takaomi Kato
Neg-raising, Last Resort, and the nature of the CSC

Andrew Nevins
Contrastive Specification of Person on Syntactic Arguments

Jeremy Rau
YAv. haosrauuah- and dəuš.srauuah-

Jeremy Rau
The Derivational History of PGmc. *weþru- ‘lamp’





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